Frederick Ernest Kurth

Died 21 July 1914, Aged 58 years
Complied by Mark Bogaers November 2016

Friedrich Ernest Kurth, was born in Roda, Saxony on 26 October 1855, and died at Davyhurst Western Australia on the 21st of July 1914 three months short of his 59th birthday. (Kurth, 2016)

It is thought that at age 14 he left home and went to sea, which continued for 15 years until he was 29 years of age, when he left this occupation ultimately making his way to Hahndorfin South Australia where he met and married Ceaserine Emma Muller in Hahndorf on the 8th May 1890, although his address on the wedding certificate lists Broken Hill for his address and his occupation as Miner. (Kurth, 2016)

Emma was born on 13 August 1869 off the Cape of Good Hopewhile her parents were in transit on the ship Ceaser Godeffroy to Hahndorf South Australia.(Kurth, 2016)

While in Broken Hill three children were born, Eveleen Stella, born and died in 1891; Leslie Arnold born 28 June 1892, and Ernest Carl Edgar born 1 November 1895 in Lane Street, North Broken Hill.(Kurth, 2016)

The family moved to Western Australia late in the 1890’s with Frederick working in Goongarrie away from his family as indicated by a letter sent to Emma dated 13th August 1896. (Kurth, 2016)

So far research hasn’t revealed when Frederick and Emma started running the Davyhurst Store as either the Kurth's Union Store, and later the E. Kurth General Store,(Kurth, 2016), but it can be assumed that it was after 1896 when he was working in Goongarrie(Kurth, 2016)and prior to 1902 when Frederick advertised for a baker and hand in the store.(National Library of Australia, 2016)

In 1911 Frederick had the misfortune to have in his employ a character John George Hunter who made off with two tons of chaff valued at £24. (National Library of Australia, 2016) The constabulary caught up with Mr Hunter and he was found guilty of stealing as a servantand ordered to make restitution to Frederick, was fined and ordered to pay costs totalling £31 /06.(National Library of Australia, 2016)

Frederick was involved with the community of Davyhurst sitting on the Progress Association, and was appointed to the Davyhurst Cemetries Board in September 1904. (National Library of Australia, 2016)Their sons Leslie and Ernest attended school in Davyhurst with Ernest excelling and attending Scotch College on a scholarship.Frederick suffered fatal injuries in an accident in mid-July 1914 which was reported in the Kalgoorlie Sun on the 19th of July as the newspaper article recounts.“Storekeeper Kurth of Davyhurst met with a serious -accident a few,days ago inflicting injuries which are still causing grave concern,to his friends. Getting into his buggy to proceed to Goongarrie, there to entrain to Kalgoorlie, a restive horse between theshafts in its plunges threw him over the wheel. Mr: Kurth fell heavily,face-downwards on a stump, receiving terrible injuries in the region of the stomach and bowels. The doctor, arriving with all -speed from, Menzies, over 30 miles distant, at once applied remedies and operated, but the recovery of the patient is said to "be doubtful”.” (National Library of Australia, 2016)

He passed away on the 21st July 1914 at his residence in Davyhurst. (National Library of Australia, 2016) He left an estate of £1436 and 11s to Emma as was published in the Perth Sunday Times on the 18th of October 1914.(National Library of Australia, 2016)

On February 19th 1918 his son Earnest left to take up a position at the Electrolytic Zinc Coin Tasmania(Friends of Kurth Kiln, 2016),and was accompanied by his Mother Emma at least as far as Adelaide.(National Library of Australia, 2016) Leslie had moved also to Tasmania sometime prior to 1931 as he is recorded in a Huon Times article appearing in court for a matter which was dismissed, (National Library of Australia, 2016)and also again in 1941 in a Hobart Mercury Newspaper article as providing music for a dance to farewell and local Church Minister who had enlisted with the AIF.(National Library of Australia, 2016)

Emma passed away in Hobart Tasmania on the 29thof June 1938 at the age of 68 years(National Library of Australia, 2016), she was buried on the 1st of July 1938 in the Cornelian Bay Cemetery.(National Library of Australia, 2016)in the Methodist Weslyan UMET area,Section B,Site Number 119. (Millingtons, 2016)

Ernest Carl Edgar Kurthpassed away at the age of 70 years on the 4th of January 1966. He is buried at the Cornelian Bay Cemetery in Tasmania in the Church of England Area Section CK Site Number 139(Graves of Tasmania, 2016)

Leslie Arnold Kurth passed away July 1980 in Tasmania at the age of 88 years, he was cremated and his ashes appear to have been placed at the same plot as his mother.(Millingtons, 2016)

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