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Convict Records of Western Australia

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The Friends of Battye Library are pleased to announce that our publication The Convict Records of Western Australia has been updated and is now available for anyone to view and download from our website. This comprehensive guide builds on our popular earlier 1990 publication compiled by Gillian O’Mara.

The guide has been updated and expanded by Lorraine Clarke and Cherie Strickland of Swan Geology. It is now an unparalleled reference guide for family historians and researchers interested in Western Australian convicts.
It is on the State Library catalogue as well as our own website and already some societies have printed out hard copies to keep in their headquarters. It is proving a boon to researchers and family historians.

Lorraine,Cherie and Gillian have travelled the road of convict research themselves so they know all the pitfalls and twists and turns in researching convict history and their experience can now help you. Follow the steps they outline to research your convict.


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