To record details on an internet based database and produce and install permanent aluminium marker plaques on outback graves that are in poor condition.

Develop the ability to generate reference numbers to link such grave sites to our database.

To develop a web site and data base that can include photos, stories, cross references and links to other genealogical societies.

To foster like minded people across Australia to form active teams with the ability to mark and record pioneer and outback graves. All costs and responsibility to purchase and maintain a suitable portable engraving machine will be born by those people. No financial support is available from outbackgraves.org. However, we will provide all possible systems, knowledge and back up we can.

To maintain integrity of information and to avoid attacks against our database, all information, data and input from authorised teams must be emailed to Alex Aitken to be uploaded to our website.

Our aim is to identify and recruit suitable research persons to assist in this process.

Such groups will be scrutinised and if approved, authorised to function under our “banner” and receive our support.

We will pre – engrave blank plaques with our web address and a reference number and develop a format that can easily be used to engrave all other details on the plaques on the spot.

Donations and financial assistance may be accepted at the discretion of outbackgraves.org and full acknowledgement will be made on our website. Such donations will be used solely to further the activities of our enterprise. All personal costs and trip costs are to be paid by individuals. Pre-engraved plaques with reference numbers will be provided at a minimal base cost to other teams, sufficient to cover the replacement purchase of more blanks. Other material, such as posts and special bolts will also be supplied at a base cost to participating teams.

We will be seeking support from Shires and other organisations in regard to their official endorsement and promotion of our activities, access to historical records and access to property.

Participants on any field trip must be fully self contained and not ask or rely on support from land holders, other than for potable drinking water.

Ideally, only two vehicles are to visit any property, but a maximum of three will be allowed.

We will ensure that no graves are marked unless solid proof of the identity of the remains has been attained. Any graves which cannot be positively identified, will be recorded with a reference number and position in our data base and a plaque installed showing the position as an “Unknown Person”, or “Unknown Person, thought to be the remains of …….” Any anecdotal or unconfirmed information can be recorded as such in our data base.

Our vision is to create a constantly updating data base which will be available free to anyone who visits our website.

Our website will identify and thank all individuals, property owners and organisations who have supported our cause.

The website, intellectual property and any assets involved with outbackgraves.org remains the property of Outback Graves Inc.



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