Linden Cemetery

Location: Shire - Menzies
Coordinates: - 122.25.23. 29. 17.313
Direction - 75 km south of Laverton on the southern side of Lake Carey.

The cemetery was gazetted in 1898.
In 1915 the local residents wrote to the Department of Works to ask we are enquiring of you as the best possible way to secure a small grant to erect a fence around the Linden burial ground in which there are three bodied buried. It is, at the moment, unprotected from wild dogs, of which there are many in this part of the country, and also of travellers who may pass over in their conveyances without knowing it.

Number of known graves - 11

First Burial

March 22 1899 Peter Schmidt a miner aged 45 died from heart disease

Last burial

February 22 1926 Sydney Parry a prospector died from heart failure.


Age at death (Years)


0 – 1 year


20 – 29 years


60 – 69 years


2 – 5 years


30 – 39 years


70 – 79 years


6 – 9 years


40 – 49 years


80+ years


10 – 19 years


50 – 59 years








Cause of death

Child birth




Natural causes




Miners consumption





In the mid-1890s gold was discovered in the area and in late 1895 four claims were pegged and registered. One claim was by Green, McClellan and the Pyke brothers, another by Linden, Hartigan and Burgess, and the last two by Goodrich, Hayward and Haunort. More claims followed in 1896.

Early History

Although only 6 men were on the field, in 1896 Warden Owen suggested a townsite be created. Owen used the name Griffithston for the place, but departmental officers in the Department of Lands and Surveys felt this name unsuitable, and suggested Linden instead. Mount Linden is located just to the south of the townsite, and has been shown on maps since 1897, perhaps named after a prospector James Linden. The town was gazetted in 1897 and consisted initially of a general store, hotel and some houses servicing a district with a settler population of about 150.The population had reduced to one by 1906 but the following year increased to 70 and by 1913 another influx occurred. In 1907 a windmill was constructed at the town's only well.

Interesting Information

a. Kalgoorlie Western Argus, 1/11 1907. THE LINDEN DISTRICT MINING INSPECTOR'S REPORT
The State mining engineer has received the following report from Mr. E. K. Beaumont, the mining inspector for the Malcolm district: In answer to your letter 108-89,dated 30th July, instructing me to visit, inspect and report on the Linden district in reference to the prospects of placing a State battery on that field. I have the honour to report I drove from Malcolm to Linden (more of the story available through trove newspapers)

b. Anova’s focus is on the Linden Gold Project and specifically the Second Fortune Gold Mine, at which production commenced in March 2018.

c. Samuel Ottery was Linden’s only storekeeper by 1927 and also operated the Post Office and held a gallon licence after the last hotel closed. He had come to Linden in 1914 after having stores in Yerilla (1898), Pendinnie Soak and Yundamindera. In 1939 the store closed and he was taken into care by the police because he had become confused and unable to look after himself.

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Lenore Layman and Criena Fitzgerald - 110 in the Waterbag

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