Outback Graves Markers

George Alexander BURNETT (more)

Cause of Death: Unknown

Edward COFFEY (more)

Cause of Death: Unknown

Edward Coffey was the proprietor of the Yellow Aster Hotel at Kathleen Valley.  He was taken seriously ill and the Reverend Dean Drayne was called to his bedside.  The following day he took a turn for the worse and gradually sank into his death.

The deceased was well-known throughout the East Murchison Goldfield and had been in occupation of the Yellow Aster Hotel for a number of years.
Mr Coffey left a wife and three young children.
Edward Coffey left his estate to Catherine Helen Phillibent Coffey.  It was valued at £413 9s. Id.

Frederick Lewis COX (more)

Cause of Death: Enteric Fever

Philip Corridon CURRAN (more)

Cause of Death: Mining Accident - by a fall of earth

The deceased was buried by John W Auld in the Kathleen Valley Cemetery. Witnesses present at the burial were Edward Freer and T Matheson.

Mr Curran was accidently killed by a fall of stone.  He and his mate, Alfred Barnes, had fired three shots and had gone back and were evidently pulling down the ground loosened by the shots.  Two men working near the scene of the accident heard Barnes call out and when they reached him found that he had been pinned by a fall of earth weighing about 15 tons.  The men immediately started to remove the earth and found Curran underneath.  Barnes and the other men thought that Curran had gone to another level. 

Barnes was severely injured and was taken into the Lawlers Hospital.

An enquiry into the death of Phillip Curran was held at Kathleen Valley on Wednesday 30 September before Mr A. G. Clifton and a jury consisting of O'Neill, Ryan and Freer.

After evidence was heard from those present at the tine of the accident, the Inspector of Mines, in his evidence, said he considered all reasonable precautions had been taken to make the ground safe. 

The jury returned a verdict that death was caused through a fall of earth in the Nil Desperandum Gold Mine, Kathleen Valley, and that no blame was attachable to anybody. 


John LEECH (more)

Cause of Death: Enteric Fever, Haemorrhage

At the time of his death, the publican at Kathleen Valley was Edward Coffey.  Leech died from typhoid fever and haemorrhage after about a fortnight's illness.

It was late in the afternoon when the Rev. gentleman arrived at Lawlers and the burial was carried out in semi-darkness.  He had only been at the Mount for about eight months.

William NELSON (more)

Cause of Death: Fire in a bough shed

Robert STURROCK (more)

Cause of Death: Old Age