Outback Graves Markers

Isabella Susan (ROWE) HARVEY (more)

Cause of Death: Old age

Isabella's father, James Henry Rowe, was born 1 August 1852 at Illogan, Cornwall, England. Her mother, Mary Kenley, was born 10 March 1850 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland. The couple met and married on 1 January 1876 at Sandhurst, Victoria. The marriage produced seven children, of which Isabella Susan was the third born of 6 girls and 1 boy born between 1876 and 1890. Her siblings were James Henry born 1876; Rosetta Ann born 1878, died 1883; Christina Clarenda born 1882; John Pearce born 1885; Rosetta Ann born 1887; Ethel May born 1890. Isabella is buried in Plot 28 of the Presbyterian portion of Kookynie Cemetery, together with her husband.

Alexander HILL (more)

Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Exhaustion

The deceased had been suffering from tuberculosis for 3 or 4 years before his death. He had lived in Victoria for 20 years before arriving in Western Australia.

Alexander's father, George James Hill, was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, 20 April 1835. He married Madeline Keziah Beard in Victoria in 1868. He died 1881 and his widow moved to Kookynie to live. She died in 1913 and is buried in Kookynie with her grandson, Wallace William Alexander, who died in 1911. Their stories are told in this website.

Alexander left an estate valued at £611 to his wife, Irene Myrtle Hill.

Madeline Keziah HILL (more)

Cause of Death:

Known as Keziah. Little is known of Keziah's early life although there are records of a Keziah Beard arriving in Hobson's Bay, Australia, on 14 March 1864 from Plymouth, putting her age at 19 at the time, and her birth at 1845. This has not been confirmed. Seven children have been listed for Keziah and her husband, George, although this list may not be complete. Keziah left an estate valued at £615.13s. 8d. to her son, Alexander Hill.

Wallace William Alexander HILL (more)

Cause of Death: Acute Gastro Enteritis

This little fellow was the only son born to Alexander and Irene Hill, who were married at Kookynie in 1910 (Marriage Registration 65/1910, East Coolgardie). He is buried with his grandmother, Keziah Hill, who died in 1913, in Plot number 18 of the Presbyterian Section of the Kookynie Cemetery.

Keziah's story also appears on this website, as does the story of Wallace's father, Alexander, who died in 1915. A plaque to the memory of Alexander has been placed at the foot of the headstone. Alexander is buried next to them in Plot 19.

John James HOARE (more)

Cause of Death: Senile Decay Syncope

A Postmortem examination was held on the remains of Mr Hoare, in order to determine the cause of death.

Joseph Edwin HOCKING (more)

Cause of Death: Premature Birth, Congenital Cardiac Malformation

The child is buried in Plot 10 of the Methodist portion of the Kookynie Cemetery.

George HOGG (more)

Cause of Death: Broncho Pneumonia, Heart Failure

The deceased had been suffering for two days from the condition that ended in his death.

On 2 February 1906, the Kooyknie Municipal Council reported that Mr. George Hogg was appointed collector of dog and vehicle licenses at a remuneration of one shilling each for dogs and 10 per cent for vehicles. It was resolved to hold a special meeting on Monday evening for the purpose of striking the rate for the year.

George was an active member of the Kookynie Gun Club. He died intestate, leaving an estate valued at £16.

Robert Alexander HOOKS (more)

Cause of Death: Fibroid Phthisis, Exhaustion

The deceased had spent 38 years in Victoria before moving to Western Australia. He had been suffering for some 9 months or so before his death.

Male Twin #1 HOUGHTON (more)

Cause of Death: Premature Birth

This little person was the first of twins born to Arthur and Annie, who married at Northam in 1902 (Marriage Registration 1155/1902, Northam). It is assumed that the second-born twin was either stillborn or died shortly after birth as no age has been recorded. He is also noted in this website. The Houghtons had an older son, Walter, who was born in 1903 at Tampa (Birth Registration 1950/1903) and died aged 16 days (Death Registration 788/1903).  Both of these little boys feature in this website.

Male Twin #2 HOUGHTON (more)

Cause of Death: Premature Birth

This little person was the second of twins born to Arthur and Annie, who married at Northam in 1902 (Marriage Registration 1155/1902, Northam). The firstborn twin lived for 10 days and is noted in this website. The Houghtons had an older son, Walter, who was born in 1903 at Tampa (Birth Registration 1950/1903) and died aged 16 days (Death Registration 788/1903).  He is also featured in this website.

Claude Barnard JARVIS (more)

Cause of Death: Tubercular Meningitis

The child's parents were married in Menzies in 1903 (Marriage Registration 511/1903, Menzies). Their other child was Mary Martha Grace born in Fremantle in 1901 (Birth Registration 2205/1901, Fremantle).

Frederick JENSEN (more)

Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Heart Failure

Also known as John Johnson.

About midday on 4 January, Dr McCall received an urgent call from the Hawk Gold Mine situated about 16 miles from Kookynie and about 20 miles from Leonora. The doctor at once set out to drive to the mine, in spite of the flooded state of the country. In crossing Lake Raeside, the horses were, for the most part, up to their bellies in water, the floor of the trap being almost awash. He arrived at his destination at 5 pm only to find his patient in the last stages of pneumonia. The sick man, John Johnson, was only ill a few days, but was in such a condition when medical aid arrived, that his case was pronounced hopeless and, despite all Dr. McCall's efforts, he expired an hour afterwards.

The deceased had been a resident of the district for some years.

James JESSUP (more)

Cause of Death:

The child's parents were married in Kookynie in 1903 (Marriage Registration 509/1903). It was the third marriage for Mary. She married William Tomsey Creech in Collingwood, Victoria, in 1881 but there were no children from this marriage. In 1889, she married Thomas Hambley, in Victoria (Marriage Registration 4367/1889). That marriage produced a son. Claude Harry Hambley was born 2 March 1890. Sadly, almost two years to the day after little James was stillborn, Mary's husband, James, died on 22 April 1906, also at Kookynie. He was a Teamster and met with an accident with his dray. His story appears elsewhere in this website. Mary Louise also had a daughter, Laura Tomsey, whose son Eric Vivien Monsen is buried in Kookynie and also features on this website.

He is buried in Plot number 14 of the Anglican portion of the Kookynie Cemetery. 

James JESSUP (more)

Cause of Death: Run Over by Loaded Dray Team

The deceased was found four miles from Kookynie in an unconscious state, the wheel of a loaded dray having passed over him. The injured man was immediately taken to the hospital, where he expired early on Sunday morning. It appeared that Jessup had loaded his two drays for the Edjudina district and, after the accident, the horses, having no driver, circled round to Kookynie, where they were met by Andrew Bruce, a slaughterman, who, concluding that an accident had happened, stopped the horses and sent a man named David Norman on horseback to see if anything was wrong. Norman returned on the tracks of the horses until he found their owner on the road, unconscious. Reporting back to Mr Bruce, the men then set out to retrieve the wounded Mr Jessup, arriving back in Kookynie about 6.30pm, whereupon Mr Jessup, who was by then conscious, told his wife and friends how the accident had happened. Between 8 and 9pm that night, Jessup appeared to be taking a bad turn and he was removed to the Government Hospital, where he died about 6am the following morning, retaining consciousness almost to the last.

A postmortem examination was made and the doctor reported that death was caused by exhaustion and syncope following acute peritonitis. The deceased was considered to be a very old and respected man in the district, leaving his wife to mourn her loss. Having married in Kookynie in 1904, the Jessups lost their only child, also named James, in 1904, being stillborn. The story of that little child also appears in this website.  

James Jessup Snr is buried in Plot number 25 of the Anglican portion of the Kookynie Cemetery.


Claus JOHNSON (more)

Cause of Death: "Unknown" - apparently Natural - quoted from Death Certificate

Although the exact cause of death was 'Unknown", the Acting Coroner, deemed an inquest was not necessary. Johnson was listed as being 67 years and 4 months of age. He had lived in South Australia for many years and in Western Australia since the goldfields broke out.