Outback Graves Markers

Emma Elizabeth (RAWLINGS) BROUGH (more)

Cause of Death: Dysentery

The deceased had lived in Victoria for 27 years before arriving in Western Australia a short time before her death.

Patrick CUSHION (more)

Cause of Death: Crushed to death, internal haemorrhage

The deceased had been haemorrhaging for 36 hours prior to his death as a result of being crushed between a wagon and a post whilst driving his team. The unfortunate man was apparently driving a pair of horses on Sunday 4 October and, on approaching a tree, was unsuccessful in guiding his horses. Consequently, he was crushed against the tree. A companion conveyed him to William's hotel, where Dr. Duncan, of Menzies, attended him. The doctor recognised immediately that the case was hopeless but everything was done to alleviate his suffering. Cushion expired on Tuesday 6 October. He was conveyed to his grave in the afternoon by his companions, one of whom read the burial service. Cushion had lived in New South Wales before moving to Western Australia.

Mary GRANT (more)

Cause of Death: Tuberculosis, cholera infantum

The child's parents were married in Queensland in 1894 (Marriage Registration 1894/C/519). Their other children were: Charles Thomas born 1896 in York (Birth Registration 2818/1896); Robert Sayers born Goongarrie 1900 (Birth Registration 1454/1900); Colin born 1901, Goongarrie (Birth Registration 1634/1901); Donald born 1904 at Old Gunga (Kalgoorlie-Boulder) (Birth Registration 898/1903); Thomas born 1905 at Gunga (Kalgoorlie-Boulder) (Birth Registration 1470/1905); Lilian Doris born 1906 in Perth; Hellen (Poppy) born 1908 in Perth (Birth Registration 1017/1908), one more child, possibly John.

Charles Senior had a previous relationship/marriage in Queensland, with Hellen Loudan Mitchell, with whom he had three children: Alexander born 1887 (died 1888); James Alexander born Toowoomba, Queensland, 1889; Mary McGregor born 1891, Queensland. Hellen Loudan Mitchell/Grant died in 1891 and at least one child, James Alexander, came to WA with Charles and Tillie. Charles died on 4 August 1929 at East Perth (now West Perth), aged 75 years. His wife, who was born in 1874 in Ireland, died in 1940, aged 66 years.

William James GRENFELL (more)

Cause of Death: Accidentally killed when a water tank fell from a dray

Grenfell was accidentally killed when a water tank he was carting fell on him when the shaft of the dray broke. An inquest was held at Goongarrie on 18 November 1918 where the verdict of the jury was: Accidental death caused by a tank of water falling on him whilst carting water, the shafts of the dray breaking, with no blame attached to anyone."

Grenfell was the ninth of ten children born to Richard and Ann, who married in Cornwall, England, on 16 February 1839 and who travelled to Australia in 1849 with Mary Ann born 1837; Richard born 1839; Nicholas born 1842 (died 1843); Nicholas born 1844; Cyprian Nicholls born 1847. The family arrived in South Australia on 3 January 1849 aboard the "William Money". Four children were added to the family in South Australia. They were: Thomas Henry born 26 April 1849; Sarah Jane born 31 January 1851; Elizabeth Warren Ruth, born 7 August 1852; William James born 1854; Jane born 1 August 1859.

Richard died in Clare, South Australia in 23 February 1866.

Ann died on 17 February 1897 in South Australia. William James' brother, Richard, died in Kalgoorlie in 1909 and was reported as "an old pioneer". He may have been in Coolgardie in 1893. Brother Nicholas was also at Goongarrie in 1913, and Thomas at Sandstone in 1910.

Alfred Harry LAPSLEY (more)

Cause of Death: Tuberculosis of the Bowels and Marasmus

The child's mother was born 11 September 1873 in Kloppenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, in 1885, the fifth daughter in the family. She married Harry Lapsley in 1902 in Coolgardie (Marriage Registration 121/1902, Coolgardie). He was the son of Robert Lapsley, of Lockwood, Victoria. Ida had previously given birth to a daughter, Emma Mary Grieger Fitzpatrick, on 17 August 1900.

Little Alfred Harry was the first child born to Ida and her new husband. The known others were: Robert Edward born Coolgardie 1904 (Birth Registration 1297/1904, Coolgardie); James born 1908 (Birth Registration 107/1908, Mt Margaret); Ada Agnes born 6 October 1909 (Birth Registration 137/1909 Mt Margaret); Felix Randolph born 1913 (Birth Registration 84/1913 Mt Margaret). Other children were Emma Mary, Francis Victor and Edward.

One son, Frank, died in a fall of stone at Great Boulder Mine in June 1930, at the age of 22. Many of the family lived in Leonora and several of Harry Senior''s brothers also came to the Goldfields. Ida died in Wooroloo (probably of tuberculosis) 5 December 1918 and her husband in Boulder in 1934.

Michael MADDEN (more)

Cause of Death: Mine Accident - fell in a shaft

Michael suffered a fractured skull and broken arms when he feel from a skeleton cage in the main shaft of the Goongarrie Gold Mine. A Coronial Enquiry into his death was held at Goongarrie on 27 July 1907, when the jury concluded the above as the Cause of Death. He was buried by William Wilkinson. In the Police Court on 30 September, Mr Hudson, Inspector of Mines, proceeded against J. H. Dewhurst, manager of the Goongarrie Goldfields, for neglecting to protect the skeleton cage, through which neglect Michael Madden lost his life on July 26. Evidence showed the men to have been removing centre pieces in the compartments, starting from the top. The cage had neither guides nor skids, so that it could oscillate where the timbers were being removed. Through this, Madden slipped off. Battens or a rope round the man would have rendered it safe. It transpired that the manager told the men to work from the bottom, but the men found the centres too loose. The cage was only working for a couple of hours when the accident occurred. The case was dismissed without costs when Counsel for the Defence pointed out that the boundaries of the field were not gazetted to bring it within Section 1 of the Mines Regulation Act 1895. The day before the accident, the deceased, in company with two of his brothers and Mr. P. C. Hughes, had himself photographed, the first time for many years. Before going to work, on a sudden impulse, he told his brother Jack where he hid his money when away at work. This secret he had kept strictly to himself up to that time. Seeing some everlasting flowers on the table at breakfast, he remarked how nice they would be to make into wreaths. He further expressed a wish that he might work in the underlay and not in the main shaft, as he did not like it. Within an hour after entering the shaft, he was taken out a battered and mangled corpse. He would be greatly missed, not only by his brothers, of whom there were two at Goongarrie, one at Bulong and one at I.O.U., but also by all those, with whom he came in contact. Madden had been in the Goongarrie community for nearly two years and was a great favorite with everyone. He was always ready with a kind word or helping hand to those in trouble. He was fond of sport, a great lover of fair play, a good workman, and a staunch comrade.

Michael was the fifth of 12 children. His siblings were: Thomas born 1857; Ellen born 1859; Mary born 1861; Daniel born 1863; John born 1867; Cornelius born 1869; Nicholas born 1870; Margaret born 1873; Johannah born 1876; twins Patrick and Philip born 1877. The deceased had spent 28 years in Victoria before moving to Western Australia.

Beatrice Maud MAJOR (more)

Cause of Death: Gastro Enteritis

According to the child's Death Certificate, the Gastro Enteritis was accelerated by the journey to Goongarrie. The condition lasted for 7 days.

The child's parents were married in Queensland on 22 January 1895 (Marriage Registration 1895/B/17204).  Margaratta, the child's mother, was born in New South Wales in 1875. She died in Coolgardie in 1953, some 24 years after the death of her husband in Perth in 1929. Their other children were Colin Wilson born 1900 in Kanowna (Birth Registration 1593/1900 Kanowna); Lillian Myrtle born 1903 in Kookynie (Birth Registration 1885/1903, Kookynie).

The family was also at Yerilla in 1906 and in Gwalia between 1912-1925.

Frederick James MIERS (more)

Cause of Death: Heart Disease

Miers was respected for his many fine qualities and his patient endurance of constant ill health. He died peacefully in his sleep. Frederick

Miers was the youngest of nine children born to Janet and Robert Miers between 1844 and 1864. They were: Jane born 1844; John William born 1845; Alexander born 1849; Robert born 1853; William born 1854; Jessie born 1855; Agnes born 1857; George Edwin born 1859.

Robert Miers was born in London in 1807. He met Janet Clemence Wighton in New South Wales and their first six children were born in that state before they moved to South Australia where the last three children were born. Robert Miers died on 27 April 1864 in Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia. His wife was born in Forfar, Scotland, in 1821. She arrived in Australia on 12 August 1838 and married William Henry Whyte in 1840. A child, Mary Ann Barbara Whyte was born 22 April 1841 but the child died within her first two years of life. On 6 March 1844, Janet gave birth to Jane Miers, who died two weeks later. She married the child's father some time that year. Janet died on 24 August 1900 at Malvern, South Australia, after 35 years as a widow, during which time she had buried 4 of her children.

On 20 January 1888, Frederick James fathered a son, Albion, at Port Adelaide. On 31 May 1890, at Wentworth, New South Wales, he married Harriet Ann Oxley, the mother of his son. It seems they separated and she ran several hotels in Adelaide, some with her sister Louisa Buckingham. Frederick Miers leased several gold mines in the Southern Cross area in 1903, 1910. In 1907 he and Alfred Charles Sunman of Meekatharra applied for the licence of the steamship Decoy in Perth. Miers was living on the boat. But in 1910 he was at Comet Vale. The deceased had lived in South Australia for 24 years before moving to Western Australia.

George Graeme MOUNSEY (more)

Cause of Death: Heart Disease

Known as Magpie. The deceased was the second of seven children born to English parents. His siblings were: John born 1857; Sarah Ann born 1860; Isaac born 1861; Joseph born 1863; Jonathan 1865; Lancelot born 1868, all born in Ballarat, Victoria. Their father died in a mining explosion in Ballarat in 1867 before the birth of his youngest son, Lancelot, and his wife died in 1902. George's brother, Joseph, was killed in the shaft of the Broomfield Quartz and Alluvial mine in Victoria. As reported in the The Ballarat Star newspaper on Monday 23 March 1891: "His brother, George Mounsey, and Joseph Archer, his mates, were at the windlass on the surface and heard the ground fall and the deceased moaning. Joseph was brought to the surface an hour and a half later only to discover he had died of a broken neck." 

George was well-known in mining and athletics in Ballarat, Creswick and Allendale, Victoria. The informant of his death at Goongarrie was John Ritchie, brother-in-law of the deceased. George's eldest child, Ann, died in 1896 aged 2 months. His son, Reginald, died at Gallipoli 9 May 1915. Five months after his death, another daughter was born to his wife. The following notice appeared in the Ballarat Star Newspaper: "On 28th of September, at Alva Park street, Ballarat, the wife of the late George Mounsey, late of Goongarrie, W.A., of a daughter." The deceased had lived in Victoria for 36 years before arriving in Western Australia.

Edward RYAN (more)

Cause of Death: Haemorrhage of the lung caused by rupture of a pulmonary vessel

Ryan was walking along the street and was seen to stagger and fall. Although assistance was quickly given, he died within a quarter of an hour. The Goongarrie Post Master informed the Menzies police, who at once informed the coroner. Dr Corlis, in company with Police Constable Gerald Lawrence Uniacke (Regimental Number 278, of Menzies), performed a post-mortem examination of the remains. An inquest was held that evening at which, in accordance with the medical evidence, the jury found that death was caused by haemorrhage of the lungs. Ryan had lately been engaged in dry-blowing, where he was associated with a man named Elanngani. He left no papers or letters to show whether or not he had any relatives. Witnesses at his burial were Thomas James Freeman and Roderick Flanagan.

Marguerite SAUNDERS (more)

Cause of Death: Inflammation of the Lungs

The death of the child was certified to in writing by her father, Joseph Saunders. She had suffered from inflammation of the lungs for 4 days before her death.

Mary Ellen TEMPLEMAN (more)

Cause of Death: Burnt from Clothes Catching Fire

Five or six children had lit a fire in the yard and the deceased child's clothes caught fire. She was severely burnt and succumbed while being brought by train to Menzies. On arrival at the station, Dr Margaret Corlis found that life was extinct and gave a certificate for burial. The body had to be exhumed prior to the inquest for the jury to view it. A verdict of accidental death caused by burns was brought in by the jury at the inquest.

The child's mother was born 1 June 1873 in Birregurra, Victoria. On 1 January 1895, she married John William Templeman, who was born 24 August 1871 at Burnt Creek, Victoria. After the birth of their first three children, the family moved to Western Australia, where a further nine children were born. They were: Albert Henry born 21 June 1895; Harold Robert born 2 February 1898, Dunolly, Victoria; Hector R born 1900 in Western Australia; John Edward born 25 January 1902 Goongarrie (Birth Registration 1752/1902); Allan James born 1903 Goongarrie (Birth Registration 1939/1903); Arthur Alwyn born 1905 Donnybrook (Birth Registration 7384/1905); Leslie William born 10 June 1908, Menzies (Birth Registration 61/1908, North Coolgardie); George born 16 December 1911 Menzies (Birth Registration 4/1911 North Coolgardie); Ernest born 1912 (Birth Registration 8/1913 North Coolgardie); Cyril Francis born 14 May 1915 at Menzies (Birth Registration 21/1915, North Coolgardie); Ellen Elizabeth born 25 May 1917 at Menzies (Birth Registration 17/1917, North Coolgardie). The children's father, John William, died on 1 October 1937 and was cremated in Perth. His wife died 26 August 1939 at Kalgoorlie.