Outback Graves Markers

—?— BILLY (more)

Cause of Death:

Charles Frederick BOCK (more)

Cause of Death: Haemorrhage

The deceased was engaged by Mr. Mitchell, squatter of Gullewa, as a boundary rider. He was on duty at one of the wells, about 18 miles out, and was seen by one of the station hands the previous day in the best of health, and said he was going to one of the windmills. On the following day the said station hand called at his camp and found the man dead in his bed. He had come tn his camp, hobbled his horse, put his saddle up and evidently went to rest in good health. (There was no message left to say he was ill.) The station hand came in and reported the matter to the police, who proceeded to the camp and there found the body. The cause of death was not yet known. The remains were brought into Gullewa and buried on Saturday at the Gullewa Cemetery. Deceased's family were living in South Australia. Family live in Yanyarrie, South Australia. He was the fourth son in the family.

Francis COVENY (more)

Cause of Death: Natural Causes

The deceased was found dead in his bed. An inquest was held before Mr. W. J, Gilbert, J.P., the jury returning a verdict of "death from natural causes."

William GRIFFITHS (more)

Cause of Death: Natural Causes

Thomas JONES (more)

Cause of Death: Natural Causes

The deceased, for some time prior to his death, complained of not feeling well, but nothing of an unusual nature was noticed during the day, and after eating dinner, he went to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Less than twenty minutes after he was found quite dead. An inquest was held. The deceased was an old and esteemed resident of Gullewa. He left a wife and five children, the youngest being but five months old. Earlier that year, the following was reported in the "WA Record" "Of hotels we can boast two very handsome ones in Gullewa. The Gullewa Hotel, the property of Mr. Thomas Jones, is indeed an attractive looking house, being got up in quite a modern style. The cuisine arrangement is under the direct supervision of Mrs. Jones, assisted by Miss Morrissey (the house-keeper) who is most painstaking in studying the comfort of patrons."

John Duthie MORTON (more)

Cause of Death: Mining accident: Fell down the shaft

The deceased's parents resided at Boulder. The verdict of the coroner's inquest was that the occurrence was purely accidental, no blame being attachable to anybody. Mr Grime, the manager of the Phoenix leases where the accident occurred, was absent on business at the time, but the acting-manager, Mr Sonnenschein, did everything possible to try and restore the unfortunate man to consciousness but Morton never recovered consciousness and died two hours after he was picked up.

The funeral took place on Thursday, 21st and was attended by all hands in the little mining camp, the neighbouring stations being also represented. The coffin was covered with wreaths, crosses and bouquets. Mr Grime read the funeral service in the absence of a clergyman. The deceased's father was expected to reach Gullewa at the end of the week.

Hedwig Maria Dorothea (DORMUZER) SUERDIECK (more)

Cause of Death: Natural Causes

An inquest into the death of Mrs Suerdieck was held on the 17th August before Mr. Wm. J. Gilbert, acting coroner, and jury consisting of L. McNamara (foreman), H. Schumann, and S. H. O'Hara. After hearing the evidence of several witnesses, which proved that the deceased lady had been subject to fainting swoons, and had also complained about her heart being in a weak state, the jury brought in a verdict of "death from natural causes."

"Much sympathy is felt for the deceased lady's husband, who is an old man of 67 and feels his Ioss most keenly".  Mr Suerdieck expended a large amount of capital in helping to develop properties in Gullewa, from which as yet he has had no returns." The deceased was a native of Germany, who had lived many years in S.A., and a little over twelve months in W.A. 

Alexander R WHITE (more)

Cause of Death: Influenza

Alias Jackson Nevill and Alex Neville.

A man named Jackson Nevill, employed at Mr Charles Mitchell's Barnong Station, Gullewa, died very suddenly on Wednesday evening. The deceased was playing cards with his mates, and went to the tank for a drink, when he collapsed and never regained consciousness. The deceased met with a serious accident on the Eastern Goldfields some years ago. Alex White, better known as Alex Nevill, one of the pioneers of the A.W.U. movement in W.A, Alex was held in high esteem in the pastoral industry throughout the Nor'-West and Murchison, having spent the greater part of his life in the industry.