Outback Graves Markers

Charles Kent BIRD (more)

Cause of Death: Fibroid Phthisis

The deceased spent 30 years in Victoria before coming to Western Australia. His death was certified in writing by F.A. Bird, his daughter-in-law, of Davyhurst. Witnesses to the burial were CH Wood and FH Harding. He had been suffering from fibroid phthisis for 8 years prior to his death.

Hermine Margaret BOERIO (more)

Cause of Death: Gastro-intestinal indigestion; heart failure

The deceased child was one of six children born to the Boerio couple, who were married in Perth in 1899 (Marriage Reg.No.1167/1899). Sadly, only two children appear to have survived past 19 months of age. Those who lived to adulthood were Frederick R.J., who was born 1900 but died as a youth in 1916 at Laverton. The other was Elena F.E., who was born in 1903 and died in 1993 at Bunbury. She married in Coolgardie in 1925. The remaining three little children were Adolph Mulline born 1900, died aged 3 months; Erna Pearl, born 1905, died aged 1 year, 7 months; Annie Christine, born March 1906, died June 1906. Rudolph, Annie and Erna also appear in this website. Mr Boerio appears in several newspaper articles for various court appearances and in early 1906 was to be deprived of the mail contract, despite the fact that he had given a punctual and excellent service to the people of the district. Boerio was one of the rival coach proprietors plying between Goongarrie and Davyhurst who had apparently tired of the five shilling fare and began to extract ten shillings a head from the travelling public. About that same time, the Roads Board had found out that he had been driving three abreast (which seemingly is contrary to the Board's by-laws) and dragged him into Menzies where he was fined heavily for the offence. Altogether, it was concluded that Boerio was having quite a bad time of it. John Baptiste died in 1930 at Mt Margaret. His wife died in 1938 at Kalgoorlie. Little Hermine had suffered her fatal condition for 1 month prior to her death.

Henry George CASSIDY (more)

Cause of Death: Cyanide Poisoning

The deceased died from cyanide poisoning, self-administered in a state of unsound mind from the effects of alcohol. A few years before, it was reported that George Cassidy had discontinued operations on the Light of Israel, being dissatisfied with the charge of 5s per -thousand gallons for fresh and salt water made by the Mines Department. At that time, Cassidy confined himself to public crushing with a Huntingdon mill, which seemed to be better patronised by the claim holders than the Government crusher.

James CLARKE (more)

Cause of Death: Epilepsy

Also known as Tassy. In 1900, "Tassy" Clarke received a sentence of seven days for using bad language. His death was certified in writing by B. Leslie, Secretary to the Hospital at Davyhurst. Witnesses to the burial were F. Bone, A. O'Brien, T. Fyfe and G. Fyfe.

Thomas COLLINS (more)

Cause of Death: Rheumatic Fever, Ulcerative Endocarditis, Heart disease

The deceased had been ailing for four weeks from ulcerated endocarditis and rheumatic fever for 6 weeks. A benefit and dance was held for the purpose of providing means whereby Mr Collins could return to his home at California Gully, Victoria. His funeral was largely attended, the district being well represented.

Joseph DELLAR (more)

Cause of Death: Premature Birth, asthenia

Benjamin and Eileen were married in 1911 (Marriage Registration 12/1911, North Coolgardie). Their other children were Alice Dorothy born 1913 at Kanowna; Twins Benjamin and David Peter born 31 October 1915 at Kanowna; Eva May born 1917 at Kanowna; Richard Herbert born 1925. Little Joseph was their fifth child and there was possibly another daughter born into the family but this has not been confirmed. Benjamin James was born in 1891 in Victoria and died 1965 in Kalgoorlie. His wife, Eileen, was born 1892 in New South Wales and died in Kalgoorlie in 1964.

Frieda EGGELING (more)

Cause of Death: Premature Birth

The child's parents were married in Balranald, New South Wales in 1895 (Marriage Registration 6693/1895, Balranald). Their family began in 1897 with Ernest Christian Theodor, followed by Elsie Florence Maggie born in 1899, then twins Henry Andersen and Frederich Wilhelm born at Menzies in 1902. Gladys Irene was born in 1904 at Mulline and Raymond C in 1909, registered in North Coolgardie. Their father was born in Germany on 1 January 1874 and died in Esperance on 10 June 1930. His wife, Annie, was born in Victoria around 1879 and died in Boulder in 1937.

Francis ELLIOTT (more)

Cause of Death: Cerebral haemorrhage, Acoholism

Known as Frank.

Frank had spent 10 years in Queensland and New South Wales before arriving in Western Australia.

His death was certified in writing by VA Fairchild, housekeeper, Davyhurst.

John David GHERARDIN (more)

Cause of Death: Pneumonia

The deceased's mother was born in Scotland in about 1835. In 1862, she married John Henry Gherardin in Heathcote, Victoria and together they produced eight or more children between 1856 and 1877. John Henry had a colourful history which probably began when his father died in the Workhouse in 1834. In 1847, John Henry was in Middlesex Prison, in England, serving a 1 year sentence for conspiracy to commit fraud. On 15 May 1850, he married Mary Ann Holdway, in England. On 31 January 1853, he was transported to Australia for a period of 10 years on a charge of fraud. In 1864 he was listed as being a miner. In Victoria in 1866, John Henry was declared insolvent with debts of £174 17s 6d; assets of £49 8s 6d; leaving a deficiency of £125 9s. The cause was listed as being a falling off in business and bad debts. By 1867, he gained a licence to brew beer and in 1869 he again came to the notice of authorities when his horse was stolen. Here in Western Australia, their son, the deceased, appears to have kept a rather low profile until he finally succumbed to double lobar pneumonia and heart failure. He had spent 22 years in Victoria before arriving in Western Australia.

Robert Henry GRESSON (more)

Cause of Death: Mine Accident

He was seriously injured by a falling stone on Monday morning at 1 o'clock in the Golden Pole mine. He was removed to the hospital with very little hope of recovery. His wife and family were resident in Victoria at the time. Mr Gresson died within a matter of hours. A coroner's inquest was held at Davyhurst 19 December 1907.

William Ambrose GROSE (more)

Cause of Death: Suicide by gelignite

The deed was committed in the bush, one mile from Davyhurst. With the assistance of an Aboriginal tracker, Constable East finally found the body of the deceased about a mile and a quarter from the camp. It was lying under a bush in a pool of blood with the head completely blown off. Fragments of skuIl, brains and flesh were picked up 30 yards in front to 25 yards behind the body. A box of matches was held in the right hand and there were five dead matches scattered about. His hat was also blown to pieces. From the manner in which he was lying, he had evidently sat. down, placed half the plug of fracture in his mouth and lighted the fuse. The deceased left a wife and five children in Victoria and a long letter in his camp, detailing his woes and state of mind at the time.

George GUY (more)

Cause of Death: Pneumonia, heart failure

George had suffered from lobar pneumonia and heart failure for 3 days prior to his death.

Cyril Vincent Mathews HARDING (more)

Cause of Death: Marasmus

The child's parents were married in the Menzies district in 1905 (Marriage Registration 571/1905). Francis Henry Harding was born on 28 September 1881 in Forbes, New South Wales. His wife was born in Daylesford, Victoria, in 1885. Their first son, Alfred Henry, was born in 1905. Then came little Cyril, followed by Mervyn Clive in 1909, Arthur Thomas in 1911 and Lorna Ruth in 1912. The first two children were born in Davyhurst before the family moved to New South Wales where the last three were born. Ethel Jane died in 1953 in New South Wales and her husband died in 1963 in St Leonard's, New South Wales. Little Cyril Vincent Mathews had suffered from Marasmus since birth.

Ernest Percy JONES (more)

Cause of Death: Congenital Debility

The child's death was certified to in writing by E.P. Jones, father, of Davyhurst. The burial was witnessed by Edwin C Watts and Charles A Renou.

Fritz KRAEMER (more)

Cause of Death: Rupture of heart

Also known as Fred In 1911, the deceased risked losing his lease to forfeiture due to non-payment of rent. Interestingly, the name of the lease was Pretoria. The result of the post mortem on the deceased revealed he had had an aneurism inside the pericardium, which had ruptured. He had spent 5 months in Victoria and 5 and a half years in New South Wales before moving to Western Australia.