Outback Graves Markers

William Asa WILLIAMS (more)

Cause of Death: Marasmus, inanition

The child's mother was born in 1868 at Blackwood, Victoria. She married Richard Ezekiel Williams in 1891 in Victoria (Marriage Registration 582/1891). Their other children were Richard Alfred born 1892, Florence Eva born 1894, Charles Hartley born 1895, Rheta Lillian born 1898, George Kent born 1901, Emily Tryphena born 1903, Winifred Wilmet born 1905 and Thelma May born 1911. Richard Williams was born in Fremantle in 1859 and died in Fremantle in 1924. His wife died in 1928 in South Australia. Little William Asa died from an exhausted condition that results from lack of food and water.

James WILLIAMSON (more)

Cause of Death: Heart failure, asphyxia

James' father, John, was born in 1816 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. His mother was born in 1826 in Rosshire, Scotland. They married in 1849 at La Rose, Victoria, and the marriage produced 11 children - but sadly not all lived to adulthood. They were: Ann, born and died 1850; Agnes, born 1851, died 1859; Catherine born 1853, died the following year; John born 1854 also died the following year; Margaret born and died in 1855; Annabella born 1857, died 1859; Ann born and died 1860; Mary Christina born 1862, died 1864; John George born 1863; and William Donald Duncan born 1866. Both parents died in Victoria, John in 1884 and Christian in 1900. James was working as a miner in Mulwarrie in 1903 before moving to Davyhurst in 1908. He had a heart attack while working at the Golden Pile Mine. He left an estate valued at £571 2s 2d to John Robert, his eldest son, under attorney to James' wife, Sarah. He had spent 36 years in Victoria before arriving in Western Australia.