Outback Graves Markers

Nobby's Well

Location Information

Region: Kimberley
Coordinates: -17.3032, 123.6287


Nobby's Well is about 30 kilometres south of Derby on the edge of the mudflats. The well was named after a racehorse called Nobby, who apparently jumped from a ship at the Derby wharf and was later found living at the freshwater soak. Nobby's Well became a stopover point for travellers to rest and get fresh water. About 5 houses sprang up, market gardens and even rice growing.

REF 0336 Alfred Israel Bennett aged 37 died here on 11/8/1903 from choking due to alcohol excess. His grave is marked by a row of beer bottles stuck top down in the mud. His is the grave on the left of the photo.

REF 0337 John Urquhart died of malaria 12/6/1901

We marked these graves on 21 July 2019.

The iron tank was installed by the State government. It was made in America and has now been heritage listed. The graves are close by.