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Outback Grave markers have been placed on lonely graves all over Australia. Check for locations on our map below, or type a location into our search box and hit search.

Mosquito Creek

Region: Pilbara

Mount Morgans

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
76 km from Leonora on the Laverton – Leonora Road, turn right onto Koorong-Mt Morgans Road for 6kms then turn left (there is a signpost without a sign) for 2kms. The cemetery is on the left with a stone-built entrance.
For the recent history of the mine see the following article published in the Financial Review. https://www.afr.com/companies/mining/every-mine-old-can-be-new-again-20150903-gje1r6

For a history of

Mt Margaret

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Shire of Laverton, 31 kilometres southwest of Laverton, Reserve Number 20944. The Cemetery was established in 1897 when the townsite of Mt Margaret was gazetted.
The Mt Margaret Aboriginal Community was established in 1921 and is situated 5kms from the original Mt Margaret Townsite and Cemetery.

Mount Margaret Community (formerly Mount Margaret Mission) is a


Region: Goldfields-Esperance

Shire Menzies

Located About 60kms west of Menzies and 160kms north of Coolgardie

Reserve Number R7816
An early writer described Mulline as a sleepy place, where the most exciting thing to happen through the day was a dog barking.


With very limited rainfall, early miners had to pay 20 shillings

Mulwarrie Cemetery

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Located in the Shire of Coolgardie on Credo Station,125 kms NW of Kalgoorlie between Davyhurst and Mulline and 55 kms SW of Menzies
Reserve Number: 7609
In 1901, the Moonshine Mine crushed 30 tons of ore at the State Battery for a return of 298 ounces of gold, a record at the time for a state battery.

The 1904 electoral roll contained the names of

Murrin Murrin

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
883 km east of Perth and on the Old Laverton Road between Leonora and Laverton, about 50 km east of Leonora
Alfred Edward Morgans who later became Premier of WA established a short-lived copper smelting mine in the area in 1896.


Region: Goldfields-Esperance
45 km north of Menzies on the Goldfields Highway to the Kookynie Mt Rem Rd turn off then 10 kms to turn off on the right.
For the story about the Niagara Dam which was built at considerable effort and cost in 1897-98 but never used for the purpose for which it was built but which is now a restful camping place in the

Nobby's Well

Region: Kimberley


Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Shire of Cue
Located 50 kms NE of Cue, 10 kms E of Great Northern Highway, via gravel road from Tuckanarra
Reserve 21243
This field saw the first prosecution of prospectors (squatters) on a WA goldfield, with 28 men charged in 1935.  The law had been in place since 1894 but had been largely ignored until mining


Region: Mid West
660 km north east of Perth and 158 km east of Mount Magnet
In 1985 Dan Callaghan died and was buried in the Sandstone Cemetery. This poem was dedicated to him and all the other old times who will forever provide us with inspiration:

I found him lying by the

Siberia Cemetery

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Shire Coolgardie
Located 86 kms NW of Kalgoorlie and 25 kms NW of Ora Banda
Reserve Number R8052

Near the remains of the Reward Hotel at Siberia stands a bougainvillea bush which was planted by Mabel Kirkham in memory of her baby son who died only hours after his birth in 1902.  She reportedly