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Outback Grave markers have been placed on lonely graves all over Australia. Check for locations on our map below, or type a location into our search box and hit search.

Sir Samuel

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
40 km northwest of Leinster and 43 km south of Wiluna
WA Govt Media Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Ancestral remains were returned to Tjiwarl people with a repatriation ceremony at Sir Samuel Cemetery
A repatriation ceremony will be held today at the Sir

Strzlecki Track

Region: South Australia

Wiluna Pioneer Cemetery

Region: Goldfields-Esperance


Region: Mid West
85 km southwest of Sandstone on the Paynes Find-Sandstone Rd
140 km northeast of Paynes Find on the Paynes find – Sandstone Rd
1.1. AS of 202 Rx Resources co-owns the Youanmi Gold Mine with Venus Metals Corporation Ltd. The Youanmi Gold Mine is the company’s flagship project and offers significant upside in both development


Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Access to the former town of Yundamindera can be taken by a now little used gravel track heading south-east from just past the modern Murrin Murrin nickel mine. After crossing the Old Laverton Road, the track heads in a straight line south-east for about
Over 100 workers went on strike at the Potosi mine in 1904 when notice of reduction of wages was posted at the mine. The men were all mostly members of, at the time, unregistered AWA with some being