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Outback Grave markers have been placed on lonely graves all over Australia. Check for locations on our map below, or type a location into our search box and hit search.

Siberia Cemetery

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Shire Coolgardie
Located 86 kms NW of Kalgoorlie and 25 kms NW of Ora Banda
Reserve Number R8052

Near the remains of the Reward Hotel at Siberia stands a bougainvillea bush which was planted by Mabel Kirkham in memory of her baby son who died only hours after his birth in 1902.  She reportedly

Sir Samuel

Region: Goldfields-Esperance
40 km northwest of Leinster and 43 km south of Wiluna
WA Govt Media Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Ancestral remains were returned to Tjiwarl people with a repatriation ceremony at Sir Samuel Cemetery
A repatriation ceremony will be held today at the Sir

Stake Well

Region: Mid West

Strzlecki Track

Region: South Australia