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Outback Grave markers have been placed on lonely graves all over Australia. Check for locations on our map below, or type a location into our search box and hit search.

Redhill Station

Region: Pilbara


Region: Goldfields-Esperance
Shire of Cue
Located 50 kms NE of Cue, 10 kms E of Great Northern Highway, via gravel road from Tuckanarra
Reserve 21243
This field saw the first prosecution of prospectors (squatters) on a WA goldfield, with 28 men charged in 1935.  The law had been in place since 1894 but had been largely ignored until mining


Region: Gascoyne


Region: Mid West
660 km north east of Perth and 158 km east of Mount Magnet
In 1985 Dan Callaghan died and was buried in the Sandstone Cemetery. This poem was dedicated to him and all the other old times who will forever provide us with inspiration:

I found him lying by the