Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Davyhurst (Old)  (details...)
Occupation: Brewer
Place of Death: Davyhurst
Date of Death: 18 November 1905
Date of Burial:19 November 1905
Age:60 years
Cause of Death:Suicide by Cyanide
OGM Ref#: 1345


The deceased was manager of the Davyhurst Bottling Works and formerly a brewer at the Toorak Brewery. He had been granted a gallon licence just a couple of months before he was found to have died very suddenly. Dr McKell, who held the post mortem examination, refused to produce a certificate of death and informed the acting coroner that he wanted the stomach analysed as the case was of a suspicious nature. The contents of the stomach of the deceased was forwarded to the government analyst on 20 November. The inquest heard that Dr McKell smelled an odour which was suggestive of some derivative of prussic acid, which prompted him to not open the stomach but to send it away for analysis. Apparently the deceased had recently determined that there was a tin of cyanide in the cellar of the premises. It had belonged originally to Mr Soden, the chemist, who was now deceased. Cocks had free access to the cyanide in the cellar. However, no suggestion was put to the inquiry as to any reason why the deceased would wish to commit suicide. The Coroner announced at this stage that he had received a certificate from the Government Analyst on the previous evening stating that 14 grains of potassium of cyanide had been found in the stomach of the deceased. The jury subsequently delivered the verdict that the deceased came to his death by cyanide of potassium poisoning, self-administered, while suffering from mental depression caused by the excessive use of alcohol. The deceased was well-known throughout the goldfields and had also been connected with breweries in Mt Morgans, Laverton and other places. He had arrived in Davyhurst about five months previously and had been drinking heavily for about a week prior to his death. He left a family of grown up sons and daughters.
Parents:John COCKS
Spouse:Margaret WATERS
Marriage Details:21 August 1872 at the Residence of the bride's father, South Blinman, South Australia; Marriage Registration 92/438, Frome
Children:Charles born 24 April 1874, William Hugh born 25 January 1876, Charlotte Louisa born 21 October1877, Isabella Margaret born circa 1879, Norman Harry born circa 1881, Albert John born 16 April 1884, Annie May born 3 May 1887, Walter born circa 1888, Nellie
Birth Details:circa 1845, England
Death Certificate:825/1905