Outback Graves Markers

John Patrick KETTLE

Burial Location:Niagara  (details...)
Occupation: Labourer
Place of Death: W.R. 50G, Kookynie
Date of Death: 30 January 1903
Date of Burial:01 February 1903
Age:32 years
Cause of Death:Suffocation: Entrance of food into windpipe
OGM Ref#: 0831


The death was certified in writing by George Natt, Undertaker, Kookynie. Witnesses to the burial were E. O'Malley and J. Neve.\The deceased lived in Victoria for 25 years.
Parents:Mary (nee CAINE) and John KETTLE (Contractor)
Birth Details:1870, Romsey, Victoria; Birth Reg.No.11187/1870, Romsey
Death Certificate:730/1903