Outback Graves Markers

George Franklin PIKE

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Place of Death: Black Range Hospital
Date of Death: 21 April 1922
Date of Burial:22 April 1922
Age:65 years
OGM Ref#: 1277


Deceased was ill for about three weeks prior to his death. He was one of the "old hands", being one of the first at the "Old Town" and consequently when that place went down, tried his luck at Sandstone. He was admitted to the hospital on the 11th but in spite of every care and attention, gradually grew worse and died on the 20th. George's parents were married in England and arrived in Australia on 2 October 1855 with his older brother, Alfred, who was born in April 1855.
Parents:Mary (nee FRANKLIN) and Frederick PIKE)
Birth Details:1857, White HIll, Victoria; Birth Reg.No.12336/1857
Death Certificate:1/1922, Black Range
Comments:The Mount Magnet Miner and Lennonville Leader newspaper lists his death as being on the 20th of April and his burial on the 21st. Sandstone burial records show death on 21st and burial on 22nd.