Outback Graves Markers

Reginald Murray BUTLER

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Prospector and Roo Shooter
Place of Death: Bulga Downs Station
Date of Death: 20 October 1932
Date of Burial:22 October 1932
Age:43 years
Cause of Death:Accidental discharge of rifle
OGM Ref#: 1291


Butler had left Perth three weeks previously with a fellow roo shooter, John Henry Lewis, who had been living with Reginald and his father, Harry.. On arrival at the station, at about 4 pm on October 20th, they stopped the truck and got out to speak to Harold Godbolt and James Pegley, inquiring if it was possible to get a telephone call through to Dandaraga Station, so that they could get permission to shoot on the property. When they got out of the truck they left a Savage rifle, leaning against the seat between where they sat. The rifle was loaded, but not cocked. Both men knew the rifle was loaded ready for shooting, but was not cocked. After a while, Butler headed back to the truck when Lewis, a little way behind him, heard a shot and saw the rifle fall out of the left side of the truck. He ran to the truck and said to the deceased, "Did that get you?" and he said "Got me," and at the same time grasped his shoulder, got out of the driver's seat and staggered towards the rear. Immediately the shot went off, Godbolt ran to the truck. The deceased was stumbling and they caught him as he collapsed. They took him to the station house and Godbolt and Pegley did all they could for him. He died about ten minutes after they carried him to the house and did not speak. The Coroner returned a verdict "That the deceased (Reginald Butler), came to his death from a gunshot wound accidentally inflicted, and that no blame is attached to any person or persons."
Parents:Jessie Margaret (nee MURRAY) and Henry (Harry) William BUTLER
Birth Details:13 June 1889, Queensland; Birth Reg.No.1889/C/5368
Death Certificate:2/1932, Black Range
State Records Office: AU WA S59- cons3458 1932/309 Reginald Murray Butler; AU WA S202- cons3677 0700 Reginald Murray BUTLER and The Union Bank of Australia