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Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Woodcutter
Place of Death: Sandstone Hospital
Date of Death: 05 September 1911
Date of Burial:06 September 1911
Cause of Death:Murdered - bled to death
OGM Ref#: 1217
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


Giulio Scherini died from blood loss from an arm wound inflicted by Ambragio Ambrosini. Several Italians had gathered at the home of Peter Garbellini, dancing and drinking. Apparently Scherini and Ambrosini were having a stick-pulling competition with a small wager of a couple of shillings when the dispute arose. Scherini claimed the stake and a row ensued. Each accused the other of unfairness. The other Italians intervened and Ambrosini was taken to his camp a few yards away. Bettini started the second row and again Ambrosini went away. The third time both Scherini and Bettini started to row with Ambrosini, who tried to dodge the row. It appears that Ambrosini had been stabbed in the left leg and the right knee. It was about 2am. Scherini had a knife in his hand and Ambrosini, drawing a knife from his pocket, stabbed Scherini in the arm, severing his main artery. Scherini came into the room with blood trickling down from his arm and said, “It's nothing; it's nothing.” After about quarter of an hour, another Italian tied up the L-shaped wound but no one went for the doctor until about 4am. The doctor found Scherini lying on the ground having almost bled to death. He was removed to the hospital where Scherini was heard to say, “Ambrosini got me this time but I’ll get him later on. I was trying to get at Ambrosini but he got me.” Scherini died a few hours later. Ambrosini was charged with the attempted murder of Giulio Scherini but was later acquitted. Mr Parker, the Crown Prosecutor, considered further charging Ambrosini with "attempted to kill". He decided ot toproceed and a nolle prosequi was entered into the court. 

Scherini is buried in the Roman Catholic portion of the cemetery, plot number 12.

Birth Details:Genoa, Italy
Death Certificate:14/1911, Black Range
State Records Office: AU WA S2323- cons5790 1911/266 Title SCHERINI, Guilis - Sandstone. - Intestate Files
Comments:The deceased's name is also spelled as Guilis in various documents.