Outback Graves Markers

George William CALDER

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Prospector
Place of Death: Abandoned Mine SW of Sandstone
Date of Death: 02 May 1915
Date of Burial:03 May 1915
Age:56 years
Cause of Death:Suicide by dynamite
OGM Ref#: 1260


The deceased is buried in plot number 11 of the non-conformist section of the cemetery. He had been missing from his camp for eleven days and when reported missing, was described as being 5 foot 4 inches tall and 55 years of age. He had been suffering from depression and for some nights, had been found sitting alone in the darkness of his camp. He was not possessed of any money to speak of at the time he disappeared. His Savings Bank book showed that on April 13 he drew £3 19s. from the bank, leaving a balance of one shilling. Calder was missed from the Dingo Flat poultry farm, where he had been staying and the fact was reported to the police by Mr R. Sanders. Diligent search was made by the police officers, aided by black trackers for several days without result. This was no doubt due largely to the fact that heavy rain fell at intervals and tendered it impossible to follow any tracks. On the Monday morning, Mr John Dower, who was well acquainted with Calder, and considerably upset over his disappearance, was searching the bush for any traces of him and noticed a strong stench coming from an abandoned shaft situated about three quarters of a mile from Sandstone. Returning to town, he informed Mr C. H. Cobb of his experience and early that afternoon that gentleman went out and descended the shaft, which is about.30 feet deep, and whilst searching around, found the body of Calder about 50 feet from the shaft. The head was missing, apparently blown off with dynamite. A new piece of fuse was found in the shaft. The deceased was an old prospector on the Coolgardie fields and came to Sandstone from Northampton about five months before. He worked for the Black Range Mining Co. for some time when he started prospecting on an old alluvial patch situated about a mile south of the Black Range mine, but did not meet with.any success. It is believed his ill fortune so affected him that it ended in self-destruction. Calder's estate was valued at 12 shillings.
Birth Details:Scotland
Death Certificate:4/1915, Black Range
State Records Office: CALDER, George William - Sandstone (d.2/5/1915) AU WA S2323 cons5790 1915/099 Item 1915-05-31 - Part of INTESTATE FILES (PUBLIC TRUSTEE)
Comments:Calder's age has been described as being 60 and 55.