Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Anaconda - Eulaminna  (details...)
Date of Death: 20 January 1903
Age:22 Months
Cause of Death:Burnt in a House Fire
OGM Ref#: 0616
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


Mr and Mrs Robertson were very seriously injured when their house caught fire and they tried unsuccessfully to rescue their little one.  They were taken to the Malcolm Hospital suffering from severe injuries and up to noon the next day, no doctor had attended them. 

The house of George Robertson, an engine driver at the copper mine, was burnt to the ground and the couple's son, aged two years, perished in the flames.  Having gone to bed about half past ten, Mr Robertson was awakened by the roar of flames in the bedroom.  The flames had such a hold that he only had time to carry Mrs Robertson out of the room when it was impossible to re-enter to save the child.  The building was a hessian structure which, in a few minutes, was completely demolished.

An enquiry was opened a few days later at Anaconda and, after viewing the scene of the fire, was adjourned to 10 February.  The outcome of the enquiry is not known. 

Parents:George ROBERTSON (Engine Driver)
Death Certificate:1487/1903, Anaconda