Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Lake Darlot  (details...)
Occupation: Prospector and Old Aged Pensioner
Place of Death: Melrose Station, Lake Darlot
Date of Death: 10 April 1936
Age:68 years
Cause of Death:Tuberculosis and Asthma Attack
OGM Ref#: 0661


The deceased was buried by George N Robertson (Church of England). Witnesses present at the burial were Richard Watson and AH McWhirter. His death was certified in writing by George N Robertson, neighbour, Melrose Station. He was apparently the last burial in Lake Darlot-Wundarra Cemetery.
Birth Details:Moonta, South Australia
Death Certificate:15/1936, East Murchison
State Records Office: William Edwards AU WA S34 cons3403 1937/0650 Item - Part of FILES - PROBATE