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Margaret Florence LUCK

Burial Location:Mt Ida Cemetery  (details...)
Place of Death: Mt Ida
Date of Death: 17 April 1900
Age:8 months
Cause of Death:Dysentery and teething
OGM Ref#: 0753


Also known as Maggie. The child was buried by Alfred Uren. Witnesses present at the burial were John Jones and J Nixon. Her death was certified in writing by Auguste (Gus) Jules Luck, father, Mt Ida. Gus Luck was apparently born 1867 in Alsace, France. He came to WA from Victoria in 1888. After this trip, he returned to Victoria and married Emma Bees in Footscray on 3 November 1894. (Marriage Reg.No.5811/1894). As an Alsatian camel handler and friend of David Wynford Carnegie, he became a member of Carnegie's first exploring and gold prospecting expedition in 1894 for the Hampton Plains Pastoral Company. Other known children in the family were Marie Louisa (born 623/1897), Eva May (born 1241/1900), Augustus Julius 917/1902, Florence Eugini (797/1904) and another four children. In 1899, Marie Louise died near Menzies and is buried in the Menzies Cemetery. Speaking of Margaret Florence, Luck wrote: "While I was working on the battery (on the Copperfield) our second child became sick. We were 75 miles from a doctor and nothing to soothe the child could be bought for love nor money. The weather being against us, the child died. We then sold everything for what we were offered and left the field for Kalgoorlie where I got a job on the State batteries, which took me all over the place, forcing me to leave my wife again. After several months on the various Eastern and Northern fields, I gave it up and took a job on the Boulder Perseverance Mine."
Parents:Emma (nee BEES) and Auguste Jules LUCK (Engine Driver)
Birth Details:Newport, Victoria; Birth Reg.No. 23176/1899, Williamstown, Victoria
Death Certificate:707/1900