Outback Graves Markers

John RYAN (more)

Cause of Death: Thirst

Died on or about 10 November 1898. He was buried by John Murdock near Malcolm at Bummers Creek. Witnesses present at the burial were Frederick Traiffo and Fred Pavy. His death was certified in writing by Police Constable Samuel R Pierce (Regimental No 296), of Malcolm. The deceased perished in the bush after having been lost for 16 days. Having been away from his camp for two days, he was reported to the Malcolm police as missing on 11 November (lost near the Black Chief). As a consequence, his body was found by Constable Pierce, accompanied by a black tracker, five miles from Bummers Creek on the side of a very rocky range and breakaway. The remains were in a very decomposed state. A jury of three, after viewing the decomposed body and hearing the evidence, returned the verdict that the deceased had perished in the bush for want of water.