Outback Graves Markers

Robert James BOUNDY (more)

Cause of Death: Mine Collapse

The deceased died in a mine accident at Ularring prospecting area No 445. killed by a fall of earth. He was slightly deaf and is thought not to have heard the ground "creak", a sound all miners are attuned to, which warns them of an imminent fall.

The death was certified in writing by his wife, Lydia Boundy. The deceased had spent 18 years in Victoria before arriving in Western Australia.

Robert James was the fifth of seven children born to Jessie and John Henry Boundy.  Robert's siblings were: Mary Pook born 9 October 1875 at Castlemaine, Victoria (Birth Registration 21623/1875, Castlemaine), died 3 November 1875 (Death Registration 12660/1875) aged 25 days; Maude Jane Pook born 28 November 1877, Malmsbury (Birth Registration 3725/1877, Malmsbury); Arthur John Malcolm born 17 November 1878 at Malmsbury; Ethel Louisa born 14 January 1881 at Malmsbury (Birth Registration 4010/1881, Malmsbury); Jessie Allanvale born 24 March 1886 at Malmsbury (Birth Registration 11683/1886, Malmsbury); Eva Selina Brew born 12 March 1888 at Malmsbury (Birth Registration 22105/1888, Malmsbury) died 29 May 1890 at Malmsbury (Death Registration 8077/1890, Malmsbury).

The deceased's father, John Henry Boundy, was Mayor of Malmsbury in Victoria from 1883 to 1884 and Manager of the Queens Birthday Mine.

William Alexander CALDWELL (more)

Cause of Death: Marasmus, Gradual Attenuation

The child's parents, both from Victoria, were married in Victoria in 1904 (Marriage Registration 3475/1904). Their three other known children were Elsie Jean born 1905; Ada Grace born 1908; Violet Catherine born 1916. Both parents died in Perth, William in 1945 and Grace Janet in 1956.

Mary Ellen CARLSSON (more)

Cause of Death: Heart Failure

Known as May, her father, George Henry Carlsson, was born in 1859 in Gothenburg, Sweden. His wife was born in 1869 in Wattle Hill, Victoria. They married on 8 April 1896 at St Mary's Church, St Kilda, Victoria (Marriage Registration 2664/1896). Mary Ellen (May) was the eldest of 6 children born to this marriage. Her siblings were: Catherine Alice Ducrow born Mulwarrie 1902; George William Enos born Mulline 1904; Norman Thomas born Mulline 1906; Lawrence John born Cottesloe 1910; Eric Patrick born Kalgoorlie 1910.

Wallace David COCKING (more)

Cause of Death: Lost in Bush

The young lad was sent at 5am with an urgent message to his father's camp, 25 miles west of Mulline. He had a supply of water with him on his bicycle. The father, who had been expecting the message, became uneasy at not receiving it, and on Saturday, started to come in to Mulline. About three-quarters of a mile from the camp, he saw the tracks of a bicycle, which had turned back in the direction of Mulline. Being alarmed, he followed it back for some miles and found the bicycle by the road but no signs of the boy. Darkness had set in and he at once made for Mulline, where he secured a search party. The Riverina mine car was despatched to Menzies for the police and trackers but before their arrival, the boy's dead body was found on the roadside, about 12 miles from Mulline. At the inquest which followed, the following verdict was recorded: "That the deceased met his death on or about January 24, from the effect of a sun stroke and exposure."

Mary Ann (PINE) CRAY (more)

Cause of Death: Aortic Mitral regurgitation, Chronic Dyspepsia, Heart Failure

The deceased had been suffering from those stated chronic conditions for 2 years and 10 months before her death. She had spent 23 years in New Zealand before arriving in Western Australia.

Charles Frederick Cray, who was born in Southampton, England, in 1857, remarried in 1919 after the death of his wife. He died in Subiaco in 1938.

William CUMMINGS (more)

Cause of Death: Valvular Disease of Heart, Congestion of Lungs, Apoplectic Stroke,

The deceased had spent three years in New Zealand before coming to Western Australia. Cummings was a well known and much respected local prospector who had at one time held a responsible position in a company at Bamboo Creek. It is not known how long he had been in the hospital but he was listed as being there on 14 September. Further reports state that he had been ailing for only a few days and previously had enjoyed good health. Indeed, in March of that year, he had made application for an area of 8 acres in the Mulline district for a mine to be known as Uncle Tom.

Thomas CUNNINGHAM (more)

Cause of Death: Cerebral Haemorrhage, Cardiac Disease

The deceased is buried in the Roman Catholic portion of the Mulline Cemetery.

Charles Wilhelm EKQUIST (more)

Cause of Death: Double Aortic & Mitral disease, Cardiac Syncope

The deceased had suffered for just three weeks before his death.

Andrew John EVANS (more)

Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Heart Failure

The deceased lived in Victoria for 30 years before moving to Western Australia.

Female Child EVANS (more)

Cause of Death:

The child was stillborn and the mother, who is also featured on this website, died in childbirth. Witnesses at the burial were Hugh Aitken and Arthur Robinson. The child's siblings were Eileen Sarah born circa 1907; Angelina Gertrude born circa 1909; Nora Jessie McKenzie born circa 1911; Flora Jean born circa 1913.

Jessie Mary (CASHIN) EVANS (more)

Cause of Death: Heart Syncope, Childbirth

Jessie Mary's parents were married in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, in 1870 (Marriage Registration 3519/1870, Tweed River).

The deceased had spent 26 years in New South Wales before moving to Western Australia.

Samuel Thomas EVANS (more)

Cause of Death: Pulmonary complaint

The deceased is buried in the MULLINE Cemetery east of Menzies. The headstone was erected by his friends. The monumental work was done by GH Day, Perth Marble Works.

The late manager of the government battery at Mulline, Mr Evans had suffered for some time from a pulmonary complaint and, for the past few weeks, his condition was such as to cause his brother and friends grave fears. Mr Evans' last wish was that his remains should be conveyed to Mulline for interment near the grave of the late J. Thomas, a close friends of his who was killed by accident at the Young Australia mine.

The late Mr Evans came to West Australia from Bendigo. He arrived in Menzies in 1895, being then a member of the police force. He and Corporal Dolan resigned from the police and entered into partnership as mining agents. At a later date, he proceeded to the Niagara district and was manager of the Tampa battery, on the Mignonette lease. He also held an interest in the Gladstone lease at Niagara. Mr Evans next applied for the position of manager of the Mulline State Battery about four years before his death and his undoubted qualifications for the position were recognised by his appointment. He acquired interests in the Golden Pole, Cooladdie, Eileen and several other shows. Evans made the Mulline Battery the most profitable in the state, while he gave prospectors much satisfaction. He was appointed to the Commission of the Peace in April 1900.

His parents were possibly married on 1 January 1859.

Author's Note: There is no relationship to Andrew Evans buried in the same cemetery.

Nellie GANSBERG (more)

Cause of Death: Extensive burns of body and limbs. Shock.

The little girl was playing with friends around a fire where tins were being smelted, when her dress caught fire. She rushed away from the fire with her clothes a mass of flames. A man named Harry Smith ran over 300 yards to assist the girl before catching her and managing to pull off what clothing remained. Medical assistance was immediately wired for from Mulwarrie and, on the doctor's arrival, an examination showed that the child's back was charred and the skin hanging loose from the shoulders to below the spine. Her hands were also badly burnt and barren. Both of Mr Smith's hands were also badly burned. Both patients were driven to the Mulwarrie Hospital where the girl lay in a critical condition for 30 hours before passing away the following day. The child's mother was born in Victoria in 1871 to Emily Agnes (nee KINGSTON) and Niels GANSBERG (Birth Registration 22162/1871, Clunes).

The little girl had spent the first 6 years of her life in Victoria and had only been in Western Australia for 8 days.

Alma May GRAHAM (more)

Cause of Death: Whooping Cough

The child died from suffocation due to whooping cough after 10 days. The death was certified to in writing by James Graham, of Riverina, father of the child.

George GRANT (more)

Cause of Death: Heart Failure

The deceased, who was of strong looking physique, had been employed with a couple of mates prospecting on the old Shamrock line of reef and his non-appearance at work led his companions to visit his camp on the following day only to find him dead at his camp, about a half mile from the Lichberg Hotel. 

Dr. Belgrave made a postmortem examination and found the left ventricle of the heart choked with clotted blood. He had been working in the district for the previous two years, during which time he was described as having a straight, manly demeanor which had gained him many friends.