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Bamboo Springs Station - permission required to visit

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A Report on Station History Recording associated with the Wardilba Project at Hillside, Bamboo Springs and Warrie, was completed between July 19 to July 22, 2004.  Those participating were: Research Officer Bill Day, Aboriginal Liaison Officer Greg Tucker, Consultants Bonny Tucker, Beverley Tucker, Brian Tucker, Georgina Bobby, David Black, Weston Tucker and Henry Long.

This is an excerpt from that report which offers an up-to-date description of Bamboo Springs Station:

Thursday July 22, 2004: Terry and Judy Leete gave us a guided tour of the buildings. The old mud wall homestead had been burnt down by a disgruntled caretaker. Along the track to the cemetery the original homestead and out-buildings which were used by the Aboriginal employees and their families still stand. The original owner is remembered in the small graveyard along with several members of the Leete family (see the video of the headstones). Bob Withnell and several Aboriginal people are buried in the unmarked graves. More information is available from Bill Quin of Shenton Park, whose father owned the station before the Leetes. Terry described the workings of the old woolshed which was sadly burnt to the ground by a previous owner who claimed insurance on the impressive timber-floored structure, according to Terry. The shearers’ quarters have likewise been burnt but the brick walls still stand.