Outback Graves Markers

James Lionel OATES

Burial Location:Davyhurst (Old)  (details...)
Place of Death: Golden Pole Gold Mine, Davyhurst
Date of Death: 15 May 1904
Date of Burial:16 May 1904
Age:2 years
Cause of Death:Suffocation, asphyxia
OGM Ref#: 1341


On 21 May, the Kookynie Press reported that the child had fallen into a tub of water and been drowned. The constable made investigations and was informed by Mrs. Oates, who resides on the Golden Pole lease, that her husband, who is employed sinking a well for the Government about two miles from Davyhurst, left home about 3.30 pm to go on shift at 4 pm Before going to work he carried water from the Golden Pole mine, a distance of about 100 yards, and filled two large tubs which he left on the floor of a bough shed adjoining the house. Mrs Oates visited a neighbour's place about 80 yards away, leaving two little children, aged four years and two years and two months at home. On returning, she found the younger one head downwards in one of the tubs of water. The tub contained about one foot of water and the body and legs were hanging over the top of the tub. She immediately pulled the child out and her screams attracted the attention of Miss Harvey and Mr.. Hughes (manager of the Golden Pole mine). They ran to her assistance. A cyclist was at once dispatched for Dr. McKell. In the meantime every effort was made to bring the child round. The Dr. arrived at 6.30 but the child expired a few minutes after his arrival. He gave a certificate as to the cause of death. Mr. Leslie, JP, of Mulwarrie, decided an inquest was unnecessary. William Henry Oates was born on 18 September 1871 in Clunes, Victoria. His wife was born 5 January 1873 in Western Australia. They married on 22 December 1897 (Marriage Registration 79/1898, Coolgardie). The other children from this marriage were William Howard 31 March 1900; Stanley, born 1905 in Subiaco; Charles Ernest born 7 September 1907 in Subiaco; Hugh Gordon, born 4 April 1911 in Subiaco; Sydney Victor, born 5 May 1914 in Subiaco. William Henry Oates died 29 June 1924. His wife died 1 June 1967, by which time, three of her 6 sons had pre-deceased her.
Parents:Elizabeth Fenton (nee SIMMONS) and William Henry OATES
Birth Details:1902, Coolgardie; Birth Reg.No.1763/1902, Coolgardie
Death Certificate:780/1904 under the name OATS
Comments:Death Registration mentions that little James Lionel's birth occurred in "Callion".