Outback Graves Markers

Alexander ALLAN

Burial Location:Niagara  (details...)
Occupation: Miner
Place of Death: Niagara
Date of Death: 09 April 1897
Date of Burial:11 April 1897
Age:28 years
Cause of Death:Suicide by Gunshot
OGM Ref#: 0780


The informant of the death was George Stone, Police Constable, Niagara. A Coronial inquiry was held at Niagara on 10 April 1897. The tragic suicide of Alexander Allen came just 23 days after the death of his brother, James, from enteritis. Alexander had been working late at Mt Catherine and had apparently slept in the cemetery overnight, as a rug and saddle were found on the ground, arranged as a bed. The death of James had preyed heavily on the mind of Alexander who shot himself on his brother's grave. A revolver was found in both his hands and the wound of a bullet showed near his ear.
Parents:Mary and Alexander ALLEN
Birth Details:1869, Waikah, New Zealand; Birth Reg.No.1869/16965
Death Certificate:682/1897