Outback Graves Markers

Patrick LAWTON

Burial Location:Niagara  (details...)
Occupation: Labourer
Place of Death: Niagara Hospital
Date of Death: 08 December 1897
Date of Burial:09 December 1897
Age:39 years
Cause of Death:Typhoid Fever, Perforation
OGM Ref#: 0789


Frederick Nash, Secretary, Niagara Hospital, was the informant of the death. The deceased was employed at the Niagara reservoir for a few weeks before he became stricken with the disease. He was conveyed to the Niagara Hospital some three or four days before his death - to no avail. Lawton was a hardy pioneer prospector who didn't have much luck but continued to search for his fortune. He spent some time at Yerilla. He had previously spent time in Footscray, Victoria.
Birth Details:County Lord, Ireland
Death Certificate:736/1897