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Burial Location:Comet Vale  (details...)
Place of Death: Comet Vale
Date of Death: 13 January 1920
Date of Burial:13 January 1920
Age:Half an hour
Cause of Death:Premature birth
OGM Ref#: 1336


The child was born prematurely due to an accidental haemorrhage of the mother. The death was certified to in writing by J.P. Richards, father, Comet Vale. Witnesses to the burial were D. Meagher and W. Richards. The parents were married at Kalgoorlie on 5 September 1917. Their daughter, Cecelia Jean, was born at Creswick in Victoria in 1918.

Parents:Marion (nee RISK) and Jacob Patrick RICHARDS (Miner)
Birth Details:13 January 1920, Comet Vale; Birth Reg.No.1/1920, N Coolgardie
Death Certificate:2/1920, N Coolgardie