Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Lake Austin  (details...)
Occupation: MIner
Place of Death: Lake Austin
Date of Death: 24 September 1902
Age:28 years
Cause of Death:Inhaling gelignite fumes
OGM Ref#: 0114
Headstone:OGM Aluminium
Monument Style: Outback Grave Marker


Carnevali died from the effects of inhaling gelignite fumes while working at the Golconda Mine. At 9 pm he said he thought he was dying and from that hour until 2 am the following morning, remained in a comatose condition, until he died.

A full inquest was held followed by an exhumation of the body and a request for a full post-mortem.

Pietro had only returned a month before from a trip home to Italy and started work in No. 2 shaft of the Golconda on Tuesday morning.  As events turned out, it was to be his first and last shift in this mine. He had been engaged timbering a steep rise and early in the afternoon had occasion to use half a plug of gelignite for a hole for a prop. When he knocked off work at 4 o'clock, he went home, washed himself and also some clothes and shortly afterwards, came to a neighbour's camp and asked permission to lie down, saying, "Oh, dear! Oh, dear!  I want to die!"

A few minutes afterwards, his friends could not get another word out of him and the unfortunate man never rallied, passing away half an hour after midnight. The Rev. Father Fenelon happened to be at Lake Austin and he was sent for, but on the two occasions he visited Carnevali, the latter was speechless. Word was sent to Cue for Dr. Taylor, but by the time he arrived the man was dead. 
Parents:Madalena (nee CARANZI) and Patrick CARNEVALI (farmer)
Spouse:Antonia CARMEVATI
Marriage Details:Italy
Birth Details:Sondalo, Italy
Death Certificate:1640/1902
Comments:There are variations on the spelling of this gentleman's surname, from CARNEVALI to CARAVALI to CARNOVALI.