Outback Graves Markers

Ernest WEST

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Labourer
Place of Death: Sandstone Hospital
Date of Death: 24 October 1927
Date of Burial:24 October 1927
Age:50 years
Cause of Death:Cardiac Failure
OGM Ref#: 1284


Ernest West died before 24 October 1927. On October 22nd, Constable Markey received a report that the man was missing and it was thought he had wandered into the bush. The constable and a black tracker set out immediately and, having picked up the tracks, followed them until darkness came on. The next morning, they followed the tracks still further and found the man, who was very weak, but seemingly quite rational. He was conveyed to Sandstone Hospital in a very emaciated condition, suffering from exposure and exhaustion. The man rallied under treatment until midday on the day he had been admitted, then symptoms of heart failure intervened and he died from cardiac failure due to exhaustion and exposure. At the Coroner's Inquiry held subsequent to his death, a verdict that deceased came to his death through exposure, exhaustion and cardiac failure, brought about through having wandered in the bush, was returned.
Death Certificate:2/1927, Black Range
Comments:Newspaper reports list West as Ernest WEBB.