Outback Graves Markers

William Henry READ

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Place of Death: Black Range Hospital
Date of Death: 15 July 1928
Date of Burial:17 July 1928
Age:60 years
OGM Ref#: 1286


William Henry Read is buried in the nonconformist section of the cemetery. William's parents were married at Yandanooka in 1866 (Marriage Reg.No.2483/1866, Yandanooka) and farmed at Northampton. William was the second child, first son, of a family of 4 boys and 2 girls. The eldest child was born in Dorset, England. In 1847 at the age of 27, their father, William Read Senior was convicted of stealing money. from a dwelling house. His trial took place on 11th March 1847, at Dorchester. He was convicted of stealing and sentenced to 14 years transportation to Australia, never to return to England. William Read was one of 100 male convicts transported to Fremantle Western Australia, as Convict Number 117. The journey took 95 days. The ship, Hashemy, was built in Calcutta in 1817. It weighed 523 tons. Following his marriage to Sarah in 1866, William's next 5 children were born in WA. William Read died at 65 at home, on his station called Yiapa. He was buried at the new cemetery located on Onslow St, Northampton, Western Australia and was the first adult to be buried there. William Henry Read's siblings were Mary Slade born 1842 in Dorset; Frances Sarah born 1869 at Fortune Mine, WA; John James born 1871 at Wheal Mine; Patrick, born 1873 at Yandanooka; Mark Alexander born 1875 at Northampton.
Parents:Sarah (nee SHERRY) and William READ, of Yiapa Northampton
Birth Details:1867 Fortune Mine (Bowes) near Northampton
Death Certificate:5/1928, Black Range