Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Woodcutter
Place of Death: Black Range District Hospital
Date of Death: 10 August 1908
Date of Burial:11 August 1908
Cause of Death:Rupture of the Brain
OGM Ref#: 1176


Deceased is buried in the non-conformist section of the cemetery, Section N.C Row S/21 Plot 7. He was found in an unconscious condition near the rifle range on the Sunday and taken to the hospital by the police, who believed him to have been either injured or suffering from the effects of drinking. On the previous Thursday night, deceased was very drunk near the National Hotel and he fell heavily backwards, his head striking the ground. Abernethy told his friend, William Swanson, that he was not well and that his head felt as big again as it ought to. Swanson said he appeared to be suffering a recovery of some sort. William Burtoli deposed that the deceased, whom he knew, stayed at his camp on the Saturday night. On Sunday morning, deceased complained of his head and said he never felt so bad before. He did not mention any accident or fall. On Saturday night, the deceased gave him £2 to take care of and he still held that money. Witness did not see the deceased alive after 10 am on Sunday. The deceased was examined by Dr Stead on Sunday night about 9.30 at the Black Range District Hospital. He was then in an unconscious condition and suffering from symptoms of compression of the brain. There were several abrasions on the face but they were not fresh. There were no marks of violence on the body. Abernethy died at 11.42 am on the Monday without regaining consciousness. In a post mortem examination of the body, Dr Stead found the cause of death was due to a rupture of the brain at the extreme end of the left side. Blood had escaped from the rupture and was pressing on the left surface of the brain. He also found in the scalp a large quantity of fluid blood, indicating a general bruising but there was no localised bruise. Further details of the post mortem examination were revealed the jury returned a verdict that John Abernethy came to his death by a rupture of the brain but there was no evidence to show how the injury was caused.
Death Certificate:17/1908, Black Range
Comments:There is a note on the Sandstone Burial Register to say he was buried in the Methodist portion of the cemetery.