Outback Graves Markers

William Henry POLLARD

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Mine Manager
Place of Death: Oroya Black Range Mine, Sandstone
Date of Death: 26 January 1911
Date of Burial:27 January 1911
Age:56 years
Cause of Death:Alcoholic Poisoning; Toxaemia and Cardiac Syncope
OGM Ref#: 1209


Mr Pollard was manager of the Oroya Black Range gold mine. He came out some years earlier and was at different times underground manager of the Lake View Consols, Perseverance, and South Kalgurli mines. Subsequently, he went as manager at the Oroya Brownhill and afterwards took charge at the White Feather Main Reef. He had been manager of the Oroya Black Range for the previous six years and his sudden and unexpected death was expected to be widely mourned throughout the Westralian goldfields. William Pollard was well-known and highly respected as a mine superintendent at both Kalgoorlie and Sandstone for Bewick, Moreing & Co., a position he held from 1903 to 1911. Pollard had spent 26 years in the United States of America before arriving in Western Australia. The illness which led to his death had been serious for 5 days prior to his death. The deceased is buried in the Methodist portion of the cemetery, plot number 7. He left an estate of £784 18s. 11d to his wife, Mary Jane Pollard, also a native of Cornwall, England.
Parents:Mary (nee CLYMO) and William POLLARD; Miner
Spouse:Mary Ann (GRAY), formerly CARMICHAEL (Alias Mary Jane)
Marriage Details:7 February 1877, Lutheran Parsonage, Rosenthal, Barossa District, South Australia; Marriage Reg.No.110/451, Barossa
Children:William Henry born circa 1878; Eusebius (Sid) Gray, born 1890; 3 deceased males including Nelson Hugh, born 17 February 1877, Birth Reg/No.181/49, Talunga, South Australia
Birth Details:Circa 1855 Three Burrows, Cornwall, England; Possibly Dec 1854, Truro, Cornwall.
Death Certificate:1/1911, Black Range
State Records Office: AU WA S34- cons3403 1911/044 Title William Pollard - Probate