Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Date of Death: 02 December 1911
Date of Burial:02 December 1911
Age:11 days
OGM Ref#: 1221


The child is buried in the Church of England portion of the cemetery, plot number 16. Rebecca's parents were married in Melbourne in 1899 (Marriage Reg.No.1260/1899) where their first three children were born. They were: Emily Ella Victoria 1901 (Birth Reg.No.3982/1901 Hotham E.), Violet May 1904 (Birth Reg.No. 10998/1904 Hotham E.) and Albert Horace Louis 1908 (Birth Reg. No. 13169/1908 South Melbourne). By 1910, the couple and their family were living in Sandstone where another two daughters were born: Olive Lillian born 1910 (Birth Reg.No.35/1910 Black Range) and finally little Rebecca. Rebecca's mother died in Perth in 1918. Turbert Horace Currell died 1927 in Bowgada, where he was a farmer, aged 62 years. He died of gunshot wounds. Born in Bachworth, Victoria, he spent 32 years in that state and 30 years in Western Australia. He is buried in Perenjori.
Parents:Emily Carol (nee NORRIS) and Turbert Horace CURRELL
Birth Details:Birth Reg.No.40/1911, Black Range
Death Certificate:17/1911, Black Range