Outback Graves Markers

Thomas Hustler WALTON

Burial Location:Sandstone  (details...)
Occupation: Miner, Trucker
Place of Death: Black Range Mine
Date of Death: 28 June 1914
Date of Burial:30 June 1914
Age:24 years
Cause of Death:Crushed to Death
OGM Ref#: 1251
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


The evidence presented to the inquiry into the death of Mr Thomas Hustler Walton is that the deceased, who was engaged as a trucker at the 15th level, got caught by the descending skip and it appeared as if he had endeavoured to enter the skip while it was in motion. When the body was discovered it was jammed under the skip ten feet below the plat where he was working and the injuries which he received must have caused instantaneous death. The verdict of the jury at the inquiry was: "We find that Thomas Hustler Walton was accidentally killed at the No. 15 Ievel of the Black Range mine, Sandstone on the 28th June 1914, no blame being attached to anyone."

At the time of his death, Thomas had a brother who was living in Geraldton.

Parents:Sarah Corner (nee HUSTLER) and Robert Hunton WALTON
Birth Details:March Quarter of 1890, Durham, England; Birth Reg.No.Vol 10a, Page 82, Stockton district
Death Certificate:7/1914, Black Range
State Records Office: AU WA S59- cons3458 1914/130 Title Thomas Hustler Walton - Parts of Applications for Grants of Letters of Administration