Outback Graves Markers

Unice Janet WILLIAMS

Burial Location:Davyhurst  (details...)
Place of Death: Golden Pole Lease, Davyhurst
Date of Death: 17 February 1909
Date of Burial:18 February 1909
Cause of Death:Asphyxia Pallida due to difficult labour
OGM Ref#: 1360


The child's mother was born in 1868 at Blackwood, Victoria. She married Richard Ezekiel Williams in 1891 in Victoria (Marriage Registration 582/1891). Their other children were Richard Alfred born 1892, Florence Eva born 1894, Charles Hartley born 1895, Rheta Lillian born 1898, George Kent born 1901, Emily Tryphena born 1903, Winifred Wilmet born 1905, William Asa born 1907 (who appears in this website) and Thelma May born 1911. Richard Williams was born in Fremantle in 1859 and died in Fremantle in 1924. His wife died in 1928 in South Australia. The Asphyxia Pallida is an obsolete term for asphyxia in which difficulty in breathing is accompanied by weak and thready pulse, pale skin, and absence of reflexes. This resulted in stillbirth.
Parents:Clara (nee BIRD) and Richard Ezekiel WILLIAMS (Miner)
Birth Details:17 February 1909, Davyhurst; Birth Registration 17/1909, North Coolgardie
Death Certificate:5/1909, North Coolgardie