Outback Graves Markers

Edward Clive WATSON

Burial Location:Davyhurst  (details...)
Place of Death: Cassidy Street, Davyhurst
Date of Death: 28 April 1910
Date of Burial:29 April 1910
Age:15 months
Cause of Death:Toxaemia, heart failure
OGM Ref#: 1362


The child's father was born in 1880 and his wife in South Australia in 1876. They married on 24th December 1908 (Marriage Registration 6/1908, East Coolgardie). Their other children were James, born 1909; Una Beatrice born 1911, Kalgoorlie; Clarence Charles born 13 February 1912, Kalgoorlie; Maisie Veronica born 1914, Kalgoorlie; Clive Earl born 21 May 1917, Kalgoorlie. Charles Watson was killed in a mining accident by a fall of earth in the Monty's Shaft of the South Kalgurli Gold Mine on 25 November 1938. He was working there as a timberman, aged 63 year. His wife, Minna, died on 19 April 1950.
Parents:Minna (nee GLOEDE) and Charles WATSON (Miner)
Birth Details:Birth Registration 22/1909, North Coolgardie
Death Certificate:7/1910, North Coolgardie
Comments:The mother's name is often spelled Mina.