Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Dulbydilla  (details...)
Place of Death: Dulbydilla, Queensland
Date of Death: 15 March 1886
Date of Burial:16 March 1886
Age:2 years 3 months
Cause of Death:Inflammation of the Lungs
OGM Ref#: QLD 0008


Brother of Jane - also buried at Dulbydilla - whose story also appears in this website. Catherine Weir and Heinrich Volling were married on 24 February 1868 (Marriage Registration 1868/C/35). David was the ninth of eleven children born to this couple. Their other children were: Isabella born 1 November 1868; Henry born 7 November 1870; Unnamed female born 17 March 1773; Catherine born 24 June 1875; Maryette born 1 November 1877; Alexander born 25 August 1881; David born 9 February 1884; George Ernest born 7 August 1886; John born 3 May 1889; Elizabeth born 13 September 1890. For some years, Henry had been following the railway line construction, moving his publican licence to the most current navvy camp. The Dulbydilla site was not good to him. He lost two children, David and his sister, Jane, and his business was declared insolvent.

Parents:Catherine (nee WEIR) and Heinrich (Henry) VOLLING
Birth Details:9 February 1884, Mitchell, Queensland; Birth Registration 1884/C/5055
Death Certificate:1886/C/2587, Queensland