Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Dulbydilla  (details...)
Place of Death: Dulbydilla, Queensland
Date of Death: 02 August 1886
Date of Burial:03 August 1886
Age:50 years
Cause of Death:Heart Disease
OGM Ref#: QLD 0011


Eliza met and married Patrick Nean in Ipswich, Queensland, He was listed as being a carrier and was the father of all her children. He died on 16 January 1863. Eliza's second husband, Thomas Gordon, was a butcher in Dalby, Queensland. Interestingly, the deceased's daughter, Eliza, married a fellow named Thomas Rice. Thomas Rice was given a contract in July 1887 to remove the school building from Dulbydilla to Morven, the next town up the railway line - just another connection of the family to Dulbydilla.

Parents:William CAVANAH
Spouse:1. Patrick NEAN 2. Thomas GORDON
Marriage Details:1. 29 April 1851, Ipswich, Queensland; 2. 28 December 1863 (Marriage Registration 1864/C/12)
Children:William Nean born 14 December 1853; Eliza Nean born 22 July 1859 (see photo); Isabella Nean born 8 March 1860 (1860/C/58) & James Nean born 6 March 1862 (1862/C/61), 3 males, 3 female children deceased.
Birth Details:Circa 1886, Limerick, Ireland
Death Certificate:1886/C/2608, Queensland
Comments:Eliza's Death Certificate has been viewed, stating that she had been in the Colonies for 32 years. Other reports state 22 years.