Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Edjudina  (details...)
Occupation: Publican
Place of Death: Edjudina Hotel
Date of Death: 15 November 1905
Age:32 years
Cause of Death:Heart Failure
OGM Ref#: 2074
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


John James Monaghan, was a well-known publican and hotel-keeper at Edjudina. He died of heart disease accelerated by the use of alcohol. Although his funeral was a solemn affair, there was a ridiculous aspect to it mainly through the efforts of Edjudina's Justice of the Peace, Bob Alderson, who undertook the arduous task of conducting the burial service. The deceased was a Roman Catholic, but Bob knew nothing of the Latin solemnities characteristic of burying the Roman Catholic dead, nor, in fact, of any other kind of religious incantations.

The deceased, noted as being a hotelkeeper and pastoralist, left an estate of £1300 5s. 4d to Letitia Jane Monaghan.

Parents:John Lawrence MONAGHAN
Spouse:Letitia Jane WHITFIELD
Marriage Details:10 February 1896, at the residence of James Whitfield, Mannum; Marriage Registration 186/497, Talunga
Children:James John born 1896, Menzies; Clifton Francis born 1897; Dorothy born 1899, Yerilla
Birth Details:Mannum, South Australia
Death Certificate:823/1905
State Records Office: James John Monaghan AU WA S59 cons3458 1905/195 Item - Part of APPLICATIONS FOR GRANTS OF LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION (ORIGINALS)