Outback Graves Markers

Auguste Charles WAACK

Burial Location:Edjudina  (details...)
Occupation: 30 years
Place of Death: Camp near Edjudina
Date of Death: 26 May 1929
Age:71 years
Cause of Death:Natural Causes
OGM Ref#: 2077
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


Known as Charlie.

It appears that he had been out sandal-wooding for a long time 30 miles distant from Edjudina and he had been ill for three months. He was brought into his camp about 30 May at Edjudina township. A. day or two afterwards, he was removed for attention in a neighbour's home. Constable Read was despatched from Kalgoorlie to make inquiries into the case. He was satisfied that death resulted from natural causes and he buried the body about two miles away from the township.

Birth Details:Circa 1858, Germany
Death Certificate:3/1929, N. Coolgardie