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Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Place of Death: Lot 107, Cumberland Street, Kookynie
Date of Death: 27 February 1905
Date of Burial:28 February 1905
Age:3 months
Cause of Death:Meningitis, Convulsions
OGM Ref#: 1673


This little girl was the fourth daughter born to James Alexander and Jean Arkley. The others were Ellen Isabella, born 1898, Jessie Elizabeth born 1899 and Robenia Alexandra, who was born in 1903 (Birth Registration 1803/1903) and died in 1904 (Death Registration 803/1904), aged 22 months, at Kookynie. Just five months after little Beryl's death, her father, James Alexander, died, also at Kookynie, of tubercular disease of the lungs. He was 40 years of age. The stories of James Alexander and Robenia are also told in this website. Jean Paton had endured the deaths of two of her daughters, followed by the death of her husband, all between October 1904 and July 1905. Jean remarried on 12 August 1908 to Thomas Arthur Gordon Brown (Marriage Registration 12/1908, Blackwood). The couple had a son in 1911. Jean died in December 1932 in Perth.

Parents:Jane (nee PATON) and James Alexander ARKLEY (Miner)
Birth Details:1905, Champion Mine, near Kookynie; Birth Registration 2098/1905, Kookynie
Death Certificate:782/1905

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