Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Occupation: Hairdresser
Place of Death: Government Hospital, Kookynie
Date of Death: 19 January 1904
Date of Burial:20 January 1904
Age:51 years
Cause of Death:Pneumonia, Exhaustion
OGM Ref#: 1648


Samuel Nicholls was admitted to the Kookynie Government Hospital on Monday afternoon and died just 18 hours after admission. Previous, to entering the hospital, he endeavored to gain admission to the Malcolm hospital, but was refused, although he had been suffering from pneumonia at least a week previously. The night before leaving Malcolm, he left his boarding house and was permitted to sleep outside so as not to disturb the other boarders with his heavy breathing. Such gross cruelty and neglect should be enquired into by the officer controlling hospitals and an example made of those who refused the unfortunate man admission.

Birth Details:Circa 1853
Death Certificate:759/1904