Outback Graves Markers

Katherine Mary Agnes (O'LEARY) MARTYN

Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Place of Death: Kookynie Hospital
Date of Death: 08 February 1907
Date of Burial:09 February 1907
Age:28 years
Cause of Death:Chronic Nephritis, Asphyxia
OGM Ref#: 1933
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


Also known as Catherine or Kitty

The deceased had lived in Ireland for 13 years before migrating to Australia. For some days, Mrs Martyn's condition had been somewhat critical but It was thought by her medical advisers that she would, in-time, recover from the complaint, which appeared similar to Bright's Disease in a somewhat acute form. At the time of her death, the Martyn's two children were around 12 months and just four weeks in age.

Mrs Martyn was known as being 'kindly disposed' and popular with everyone she met. In 1909, Mrs Martyn's brother and sister-in-law (D & M O'Leary) placed an In Memorium notice in the newspapers.

Kitty's husband, Alfred Martyn, mounted constable at Kookynie and formerly of Menzies, was born 30 May 1877, at Hokitika, Westland, West Coast New Zealand, New Zealand. After Kitty's death, he married Daisy Cosie Lawson on 8 October 1908 at Boulder. Four children were born to this second marriage, before he died 28 Jun 1944, in Perth, aged 67 years.

Parents:Mary (nee CASHMAN) and Daniel O'LEARY (FIsherman)
Spouse:Alfred Thomas MARTYN
Marriage Details:26 October 1904, Kalgoorlie; Marriage Registration 1944/1904, Kalgoorlie - in the name of MARTIN
Children:Mary Louisa b.10 August 1905, Kalgoorlie (Birth Registration 1944/1905 in the name of MARTIN);
Kathleen (Catherine) Dorothy born 1907 (Birth Registration 26/1907, North Coolgardie)
Birth Details:20 June 1876, Rope Walk, Cork, Ireland
Death Certificate:6/1907, Kookynie