Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Goongarrie Cemetery  (details...)
Occupation: Driver for Public Works Department
Place of Death: Goongarrie Hotel - 90 Mile
Date of Death: 06 October 1896
Date of Burial:06 October 1896
Age:36 years
Cause of Death:Crushed to death, internal haemorrhage
OGM Ref#: 1693
Headstone:OGM Aluminium
Monument Style: Tall, pointed, inscribed headstone with ornate shoulders. Grave surrounded by mid-height wrought iron fencing standing on four low stone plinths


Native of Brough, Ireland
Who was crushed to death
Whilst driving his team
5th October 1896
Aged 56 years


The deceased had been haemorrhaging for 36 hours prior to his death as a result of being crushed between a wagon and a post whilst driving his team. The unfortunate man was apparently driving a pair of horses on Sunday 4 October and, on approaching a tree, was unsuccessful in guiding his horses. Consequently, he was crushed against the tree. A companion conveyed him to William's hotel, where Dr. Duncan, of Menzies, attended him. The doctor recognised immediately that the case was hopeless but everything was done to alleviate his suffering. Cushion expired on Tuesday 6 October. He was conveyed to his grave in the afternoon by his companions, one of whom read the burial service. Cushion had lived in New South Wales before moving to Western Australia.

Birth Details:Circa 1860, Brough, Ireland
Death Certificate:676/1897
Comments:Find a Grave website has him buried at Broad Arrow Cemetery, but there is a headstone at Goongarrie and his Death Certificate states he was buried at Goongarrie Cemetery.
The Death Certificate also states the date of his death as 6 October 1896. However, the plaque on the grave states that he died 5 October, so the Outback Graves plaque reflects that date.