Outback Graves Markers

Thomas Hilton HEWITT

Burial Location:Mulwarrie Cemetery  (details...)
Occupation: Prospector, Mine Manager
Place of Death: Mulwarrie
Date of Death: 05 June 1904
Date of Burial:06 June 1904
Age:39 years
Cause of Death:Asthma
OGM Ref#: 0214
Monument Style: Fancy iron surrounds and a tall marble headstone with inscription


In Loving Memory
The Dearly beloved Husband
And Loved Father of
Who died (illegible)

Long inscription - illegible


Also known as Thomas Hylton Hewitt. Deceased was a mine owner in the Mulwarrie area. He had been suffering for a week with "asthma bronchitis asphyxia". His death was certified in writing by HJ Hewitt, his brother, of Kintore. He had lived in Victoria for 28 years prior to arriving in Western Australia. A street in Mulwarrie was named after him. His daughter, Lillian, became a nun (SR Clements) and entered the convent as a member of the "Our Lady of the Missions" order at Highgate, Perth. Following her husband's death in 1904, Teresa herself became a missionary in India. Thomas came from Victoria with Teresa's family, Mr and Mrs McParlin, travelling with their children and their respective spouses. Another son-in-law, Tom Ducrow (married to Catherine McParlin) also had a gold mine and a street named after him. Later, Catherine became the mid-wife in Davyhurst. Further Reference: "More Lonely Graves" by Kevin & Yvonne Coate.

Parents:Mary (nee ROLFE) and William George HEWITT (Miner)
Spouse:Teresa J G McPARLIN
Marriage Details:1889, Melbourne, Victoria; Marriage Reg.No.7724/1889
Children:Gertrude Mary Lillian, born 1890, Zulu Creek, Victoria; Birth Reg.No.18892/1890; 1 female deceased
Birth Details:1865, Reedy Creek, Victoria; Birth Reg.No.10993/1865, Reed
Death Certificate:785/1904
State Records Office: Gold Mining Lease No 946 - or 337E, 34K - New Prince - forwarding application AU WA S20 cons964 1894/2380 Item 1894-07-24 - 1896-12-02 Part of FILES - MINING Thomas Hilton Hewitt - Kurnalpi; Gold Mining Lease No 825 Success - forwarding application AU