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Eleanor May ELLISS

Burial Location:Menzies Cemetery  (details...)
Place of Death: Shenton Street, Menzies
Date of Death: 15 August 1897
Date of Burial:15 August 1897
Age:1 hour
Cause of Death:Premature Birth
OGM Ref#: 2065
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


Little Eleanor May was the second of 14 children born to this couple between 1895 and 1917. They were married 13 June 1894 at Broken Hill, New South Wales, where their first child, Annie Louisa, was born on 14 December 1895. It seems they then came to Western Australia, where twins were born two years later. They were Alfreda Menzies Kate and Eleanor May, born Menzies 1897, Alfreda being the elder of the two. Other children born in this family were: Vera Bertha born in Menzies 1898; Dorothy May born 1900 at Malcolm; Alfred John born 19 September 1903 at Mount Malcolm; Albert George born 2 September 1904 at Mt Malcolm; Myra Annie born 11 August 1906 at Mount Malcolm; Francis William born 10 December 1908 at Mount Malcolm; Sylvia Marjory born 15 August 1910 at Mount Malcolm; Phillip James Ritchie born 26 August 1911 at Mount Malcolm; Walter Adolph born 5 May 1913 at Mt Lawley; Robert Anzac born 18 April 1917 at Mount Malcolm. Alfred, born in Broken Hill, New South Wales, in 1867, died 1925 in Royal Perth Hospital, aged 57 years, and his wife, who was born in Germany in 1877, died 14 April 1928 at 36 Gardiner Street, Mt Lawley, aged 51 years. Little Eleanor May's older twin sister, Alfreda Menzies Kate, married a stockman, Robert Wilson, and died 9 June 1919 at Ord River Station. Her story appears on this website.

Parents:Annie Bertha (nee HIMMLER) and Alfred ELLISS (Fruiterer)
Birth Details:15 August 1897; Birth Registration 636/1897, Menzies
Death Certificate:715/1897
Comments:Outback Grave Markers is grateful to Sharelle and Bob Whittaker who have adopted plaque #2065 for Eleanor May Elliss at Menzies Cemetery.